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Pakistani Justice

The Daily Times:

Two adolescent girls were given to the family of a rape victim as compensation in the practice of the custom of Vani in Chak No31/10-R (Katcha Khuh), Khanewal, on the orders of a punchayat (local council).

But remember, in Islam women are treated with the utmost respect.

Nasim Bibi, the mother of the rape victim, told reporters that Ijaz Ahmed, son of Ameer Baloch, and Riaz, son of Manzoor, raped her 16-year-old daughter. She went to the police station to lodge a complaint, but the perpetrators belonged to influential families and they decided to resolve the matter in a punchayat, Nasim said. The punchayat, headed by Saifullah Khan Niazi, decided that Ijaz’s sister, 8-year-old Nasim Mai, would marry the rape victim’s brother, Muhammad Ashiq, and Riaz’s sister Zareena would marry the rape victim’s uncle, Azhar, said Nasim.

[Emphasis mine]

Aw, isn't that cute: an 8-year-old marrying Muhammad. Had she been two years younger, our Aashiq would have matched the original Mo! Oh, and I'm sure the young bride consented to the lovely union. As we all know that forced marriages never take place in Muslim societies (the whole respek issue).


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