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Mr. India: Double Masala

My siblings have seen the movie, though I never got to watch it. It is surprising to hear of a sequel to an Indian film. I haven't been disappointed with Anil Kapoor or Sri Devi but this will be just... weird considering that they'll be taking up their roles after 20 years.

Shekar Kapur will have to come up with a villain who really has screen presence. The late Amrish Puri had it in abundance. Remember Mola Ram in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom or his role as a helpless father and a policeman in the unforgettable Gardish or his sweetly vicious performance in DDLJ (considered the most successful Hindi movie in Indian cinematic history)?

I am sure that Shekar Kapur will bring a level of excellence that's always expected of him and that is sorely been lacking from other directors (cough*SubhashGhai*cough). At least the movie won't disappear in the mostly atrocious three-movies-a-day that India hurls towards the masses.

Link via (hey, I'm surprised) Known Unknowns!



It was a great movie. I thought I wouldn't like the singing and dancing because I don't like Western musicals, but I enjoyed those too. I even liked the propaganda about the enemies of Hindustan, adulterers of food, gamblers and so on. I will definitely see the sequel. Did you notice that Shekar (allegedly) commented on the blog? I'm going to have to check out Amrish's other films!

Isaac Schrödinger

Yeah, it's the very first comment.

Shekar is a most able director among Indians. Oddly, the first time I noticed him was when Elizabeth came out. It was strange to see an Indian director use an Australian actress to make a movie about an English monarch...but the movie clicked. Whether it was historically accurate or not is another matter.

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