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The Daily Times:

“Saudi Arabia is like any other country today,” she believes. “Our youth have their aspirations.” Kids are global and politically-minded; they have Internet and technology; they watch MTV and satellite television like any other part of world,” says Saudi poetess.

And all this time, I had thought that Saudi Arabia was an Islamist society where the regime censored the Internet, cut off limbs for stealing, beheaded alcohol consumers, banned any work authored by Jews, kept women in the 7th century, and where mosques blared the azaan on loudspeakers five times a day. So silly of me. Now, I know the truth (peace upon it).

She is also part of the ‘National Dialogue’ set up by former King Fahad aimed at discussing social and other issues related to Saudi Arabia. “The hijab is not an issue,” she says, “whether women are allowed to drive or not is also not an issue. Those are not obstacles in women’s progress.” She feels the Saudi woman is playing for higher stakes like freedom, choice and opportunity.

That's exactly right. If a fire breaks out in the morning, then "the hijab is not an issue." And really why would a woman even want to drive when she has got enough money for a driver!? Fuggetaboutit. Bring on the freedom, the choice and the opportunity! Though, be gentle--it's their first time. Oh, take a few more decades. No hurry, really.


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