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A Message for Danes and Showcasing the Mo

I just checked my site meter and noticed that I've had more than 1300 hits today. That's odd considering my daily average is under 200. I checked the referrals and instantly knew the reason. People from Europe, especially Denmark, are searching for "Muhammed" in Google Images and a pic from my blog is showing up as the fifth link.

It's ironic that the blog of an ex-Muslim is getting the most hits from people searching for "Muhammed" (PUBH).

If you're from Denmark, then know this:

Don't give in to the psychotic thugs and regimes of the Muslim world. These are the same people who keep half their population as slaves, hang homosexuals, behead alcohol consumers, treat kids with utter cruelty, "think" that Jews rule the world, and celebrate when Westerners are ruthlessly murdered. And yet they're offended by a few harmless cartoons.

It is you--the Danes--who should be appalled at the atrocious and wretched behaviour of such an odious section of humanity. Do not apologize for your exercises in freedom. Do not sacrifice your free speech at the altar of deplorable Muslim feelings.

Cherish your precious liberty and stand tall against these barbarians.

Want to see Muhammed? Here you go:


Remember, Muslims revere this guy and follow his perfect example. If you disagree with the Prophet of the Religion of PeaceTM, then the Muslims usually support you... with a rope.

Note: This post was originally posted at 6:04 PM on January 30. I have post-dated it so that it stays on top for around 30 hours.

Hey, gotta respect the Mo-phoria.

More photos of Muhammed at Zombie Time (thanks to LFG). I like the depiction of Dante's Inferno and the last photo which shows the result of the deathmatch between Mohammed and Moses. I am serious!

In the interest of free speech, see this post.

Thanks to Isabel de Castilla at Western Resistance and Callimachus at Done With Mirrors for the links.

State of the Union 2006

All the quotes in this post are by President George W. Bush.

"We love our freedom and we will fight to keep it."
There is a lot of VDH in what the President says.

Hey, Justice Alito is in the audience.

Howard Dean, this one is for you.
"Hindsight is not wisdom."

The President offers a strong, though ultimately fruitless, message for Hamas.

Whoa, no nuclear weapons for the clerics in Iran. He also speaks directly to the regular Iranians.

Now, he's talking about foreign aid.

"I urge Congress to make the tax cuts permanent."
The Democrats look so glum.

Now, it's all about domestic policies.

The President welcomes the two new Judges of the SCOTUS. Justice Alito finally shows a smile. I'm signing off.

Sitting in Something Wet

Oh, I laughed so much at this. The small clip is from the Bollywood movie Don and it shows Amitabh Bachchan and Kamal Kapoor talking in Hindi. What makes it hilarious is the inane subtitles by Russell Wardlow.

Somehow, I instantly remembered that Amitabh and Kamal worked together in Desai's Toofan. In that movie, ACP Sharma filled in the dreaded slate a little too late. Since then I've been careful around train tracks. Who knows what kind of "devils" are on the trains.

Test #1783: Day 3

Younis and Yousuf are cruising at the moment. They have taken their merry partnership to 130 runs. Both of them are at 65. Pakistan's lead is at a healthy 259 runs and with every additional run, the prospect of an Indian victory diminishes. The Indian bowlers really need to break this partnership soon.

Lunch time now. Pakistan is at 270/2 which easily surpasses the scores in the first two innings. Yousuf 74, Younis 72; both going strong.

In other cricket news, Jayasuriya is carving up the South Africans in ODI #2321. He's at a 64-ball 86. Dang! He just got out with the very next ball. A 65-ball 86; an explosive start for the Sri Lankans.

Younis is out for a composed 122-ball 77. Faisal Iqbal has come in to bat and he's quickly on the offensive. Pakistan leads with 305 runs with 7 wickets in hand. Razzaq, Afridi, and the roaring Akmal have yet to bat!

OUCH. Yousuf is out, to Kumble, just 3 runs short of a century. The audacious Afridi has come out to bat.

Update 1:45 PM ET
Afridi hit a scorching 60 and got out. Faisal Iqbal, a nephew of the legendary Javed Miandad, took his score to 103 not out. The Pakistanis are overflowing with batting riches. Just take a look at this jaw-dropping statistic:

Both men [Younis and Yousuf], combined, have now made 1014 runs in this series alone and 861 of them have been in four partnerships together. Whether or not the same love is reciprocated from India of course becomes a moot point.

The Pakistani bowlers will get their time to shine in the next two days.

A Silver Lining

Iraq the Model:

Some said that it was too early to push the region to do elections because elections would bring fundamentalists…but if we don’t start now, then when?!
The wheel of change has to take its course and delaying it in my opinion won’t do us any good.
What happened was a natural outcome of our war with ourselves; we have to learn from this and develop the way we think and interact with the variables and we will certainly figure out what our mistakes were. This takes time but democracy is still the one and only solution and we need to go through all its stages, even if we make wrong choices, what matters is that these would be our choices, not someone else’s.

The Iraqis liberals didn't make big gains in the past election but with this attitude they'll likely make inroads in the next big vote.

Tough Decisions


While the political and punditry worlds struggle to make sense of Hamas' ascendence, objective media forges ahead doing its usual amazing job of providing the customary, balanced presentation, carefully allotting equal time to two competing propositions: Israelis, who believe they should be allowed to live; and Hamasniks, who believe Israelis should die.

My heart bleeds for the MSM.

Bitch-slapping the Ummah

Foreign Dispatches:

If there is an occasion which illustrates my previous assertions that mainstream, so-called "moderate" Islam is itself both sick and dangerous, and that attempts to lay the blame for Islamic terror on some bogus "fringe" interpretation of it called "Islamism" are extremely disingenous, it has to be this one: not even the most craven of apologists will manage to find a glimmer of rational justification for what a few cartoons in one small-circulation European newspaper has managed to unleash in the adherents of the Religion of Ignorance, Intimidation and Terror.

They don't need to. They've been using irrational justifications for ages.

... time to stock up on Danish beer and sausages, to be consumed together as a most pleasant culinary "up yours" to the barbarians who would punish an entire nation for the exercise of free speech by a few of its citizens.

Good on ya. I'll definitely buy some Danish products the next time I go grocery shopping. Mmm, Danish biscuits.

1930s All Over Again

I have often joked with friends about the asinine little fees tacked on to our university tuition here in Canada. You know, a small amount for the useless ultra-leftist student union, tiny deduction for the gym, some money for the obscure newspapers, and $5 for the Hamas fund. Of course, that last bit is a joke. Though for European citizens, the universities don't have to bother; their enlightened governments are on the job:

In a courageous display of stamina, the EU held out for nearly five whole days after the surprise Hamas win in the elections on Wednesday before announcing that they would continue to fund the Palestinian Authority:

The EU has decided to fund a government with a majority party which wants to annihilate* the state of Israel. But remember, there is scarcely any antisemitism in the West.

*That's doubly odd since as we all know the Jews control the world and by corollary the EU. Why are they paying for their own destruction?

You and Whose Army?

Zawahiri is pissed.

"My second message is to the American people, who are drowning in illusions. I tell you that Bush and his gang are shedding your blood and wasting your money in frustrated adventures," he said, speaking in a forceful and angry voice.

"The lion of Islam, Sheik Osama bin Laden, may God protect him, offered you a decent exit from your dilemma. But your leaders, who are keen to accumulate wealth, insist on throwing you in battles and killing your souls in Iraq and Afghanistan and – God willing – on your own land."

The rat, er, lion of Islam can take that truce and shove it up his *$%.

Test #1783: Day 2

Pakistan served up the same treatment they got from India yesterday. India is all out for 238 in reply to 245 from Pakistan. Two innings are over in less than two days. Two more to go with 3-and-a-half days left.

The second innings from Pakistan has just started. Their objective should be to carefully and cautiously bat out their entire innings and then leave India with a massive total to chase. The performance of the Pakistani batsmen today will decide the winner of this series.

Update 2:05 PM ET
Pakistan has a healthy lead of 180 runs with 8 wickets in hand. Younis and Yousuf are at a 51-run partnership. These two will have to show their skill tomorrow and bat as long as possible. The Pakistanis should put up a lead of at least 400 runs to put pressure on the Indians. Then, the pace of Akhtar, the emerging potential of Asif and the guile of Kaneria can definitely win this match for Pakistan.

Appreciating Terrorists

Umar Lee:

While I myself have some serious disagreements with Hamas, I believe that the attacks they have sponsored on civilians in Israel has [sic] been counter-productive and immoral and I believe the political bureau living outside of Palestine is out of touch with what is happening on the ground; I admire Hamas in many ways.

Lee doesn't let all the Jew-killing and the promises for the obliteration of Israel stand in the way of his Hamas admiration.

That is so... sophisticated.

Shed a Tear

Senator Clinton is now in favor of filibustering Alito; Althouse says:

She's taking precautions against Kerry getting the jump on her in the '08 campaign? How incredibly lame that would be -- especially if this silly fear of him as a candidate is expressed by following him.

We're likely to see a lot more lameness in the next two years.

Test #1783

No words could do justice to the first over of this Test. Irfan Pathan, a 21-year-old newbie, shattered Pakistan's top order. The first three deliveries were dot balls. The next three fetched three wickets.

Pathan bowled a maiden hat-trick over. Here's the commentary.

Maiden over: No runs were scored.
Hat-trick: Three wickets with three straight deliveries.

Butt, Khan and Yousuf were the unlucky victims. In almost 60 years of Indian Test cricket, only one other bowler (Harbhajan Singh) has ever taken a hat-trick. Irfan Pathan just won the Man of the Match Award with the very first over of the Test. And Pakistan is in the deepest of holes.

It seems that the Pakistanis went from batting heavens to a bowling paradise. Shoaib Akthar should get some tremendous help from such a pitch. This match will definitely have a result.

Currently Pakistan is at 13/4 after only 6 overs and this time Inzi is not there to save the day. Farhat and Afridi are batting right now.

Update 2:40 PM ET
Kamran Akmal played the innings of his life by scoring a magnificent hundred. Akhtar scored a 60-ball 45 to rub it in. Pakistan was 245 all out.

Take four Pakistani batsmen:

  • Salman Butt
  • Mohammad Yousuf
  • Younis Khan
  • Shahid Afridi

These men scored 481 runs combined in the 1st innings of the 1st Test and 341 in the 2nd Test. Today, these four managed 10 runs between them. All those ten runs were managed by Afridi. That's right: Butt, Yousuf, and Khan all scored a big fat zero.

Take four Indian batsmen:

  • Sehwag
  • Dravid
  • Tendulkar
  • Laxman

These men scored 382 runs combined in the 1st innings of the 1st Test and 238 in the 2nd Test. Today, these four managed 50 runs between them.

Conclusion: The bowlers are having a feast in the Karachi Test.

Supporting the Underdog

Pejman Yousefzadeh could support either of the mentioned two.

With my beloved Bears having been eliminated a couple of weeks ago, I don't have a dog in the Super Bowl fight. I suppose that I could root for the Steelers--who I supported before having become a Bears fan when my family and I moved to Chicago nearly a quarter of a century ago. Or I could root for the Steelers because Shaun Alexander plays chess.

Hey, that's fine with me! :)

Markets in Everything

A university once offered me a tiny scholarship. Somehow, I don't think that will top this little trick. Perhaps, this will help attract more males to advanced education. It's all about the incentives.

From the future package of MIT:
Call 1-800-739-9324 for the quintessential girl of your dreams.
Let her be the epsilon to your alpha.


The end of this post brought back a memory.

Some time ago, I was talking with a bunch of friends and the conversation veered towards various Hollywood movies. One of my Indian buddies said, "I thought that movie with the rockets was really cool. Oh, what was the name? Um, yeah, Armajeddon!"

The rest of us looked at each other and then burst out laughing.

298 Israelis Killed and Counting


The Israeli government has compiled a list of Hamas' greatest hits since September 2000. The body count grand total of this "political party:" 52 suicide attacks, with 298 Israelis killed and 1,646 wounded. That puts Ted Kennedy's single body count to shame, and dwarfs even the most rabid right-wingers "Clinton Body Counts" in proper perspective.


Dry Bones presents "a man on the street" bonus.

Parliament of Terror

Ben F, a friendly lizard, presents a few lovely stats.

HAMAS will have a stronger grip on the legislature than the Republicans do in either the U.S. Senate or the House of Representatives. FATAH, with less than one third of the seats, is a weak minority party. Of the 132 legislators elected, no more than 10 are unaffiliated with a terror group.

That means that more than 92% of the Palestinian parliament is made up of terrorists. I am beginning to think that maybe, just maybe, the Palestinians don't want peace with Israel. {gasp!}

Oh So Offended


Saudi Arabia recalled its ambassador to Denmark on Thursday to protest against a published series of caricatures of the prophet Muhammad, which provoked a wave of anger in Islamic countries when they were published last year in a leading Danish newspaper.

Western nations should notice that many of the citizens of Saudi Arabia wholeheartedly celebrated the terrorist attacks on 9/11 in which citizens of over 50 countries perished. Yet, when it comes to harmless cartoons of Muhammad, these same people have a hissy fit. There's nothing to be gained in appeasing such barbaric and infantile people.

Link via Dhimmi Watch.

A Sick Party

Clayton Cramer:

My sympathies when I was growing up were vaguely liberal Republican. I went through a libertarian phase in the late 1970s and 1980s, because I thought a consistent ideology was very cool, and because it seemed an appropriate antidote to the rampant leftism that dominated where I lived in California. I'm a conservative now--but on a lot of issues, I'm not so terribly far from where I was in the early 1970s--it is just that "liberal" has turned into something utterly monstrous.

One of the really strange things about the present Democratic Party is that they are truly and solely glued to their ugly Leftist base which hinders their electability: They have enough money to compete but not enough votes to win the presidency. These Democratic politicians have clumsily been trying to appeal to the center and failing for a long time. The Clinton presidency, an exception, masked the problem for 8 years--remember on Election Days, Bill Clinton couldn't manage more than 50% of the vote. That is just speaking of social issues.

Relating to foreign policy, most of the Democratic politicians have been flowing with the mercurial news cycle with respect to the War, thus presenting themselves as an unprincipled opposition. Even though many Americans might not be optimistic today about Iraq, they still trust the Republicans more than the Democrats on foreign policy. So, the Democrats have pull at the some local levels (the coasts) but the national realm is majority Republican.

For this, the Democrats have only themselves to blame.

Is Dowd Necessary?

Maureen Dowd:

"Everything that has happened in America has to do with Bush and his relationship with his father," she says. "I don't think anyone denies this whole thing is oedipal. What can be more pertinent?["]

I couldn't read past that point. I can't comprehend the sheer strength and perseverance required to endure her op-eds. Perhaps, the military can use her writings as a torture device; force the terrorists to read it out aloud. I bet they would crack in no time.

FOR THE LOVE OF ALLAH, no more Dowd. I tell you where Osama is. JUST. STOP. WITH. THE. DOWD!

Link via Tim Blair.

Embracing Terrorism

David Horowitz at FrontPage

... at the core of this sickness, of course, is self-hatred. Self-hatred for the 1,000 year failure of Arab Muslim culture to compete with the West and for the absolute bankruptcy of the Palestinian cause -- despite billions and billions of dollars poured into the West Bank and Gaza by Europe, Israel and the United States whose purpose was to help this people consumed in their own emotional poisons, only to be stolen in transit by their corrupt and homicidal leaders who buried their loot in Swiss bank accounts or used it to buy weapons of mass murder, and to spread destruction, which is the only contribution that the Arabs of the Palestinian mandate have made to the world since their national aspirations were first announced half a century ago.

Clarity for Israel

Emanuele Ottolenghi is correct; because of their victory, the members of Hamas are no longer "oppressed" thugs. From now on, when Hamas lobs a few rockets into Israel, it'll be doing so not as a fringe group but as a representative of the Palestinians. In other words, it'll be one state attacking another.

Until Tuesday, the PA could hide behind the excuse that they were not directly responsible and they could not rein in the "militants." Now the "militants" are the militia of the ruling party. They are one and the same with the Palestinian Authority.


Link via Woody.

The Butto History Repeats Itself?

BBC News:

Interpol has issued notices for the arrest of ex-Pakistan PM Benazir Bhutto and her husband, Asif Ali Zardari.

Benazir Bhutto was the first woman elected to high office in the Muslim world. Her father was also a former Prime Minister of Pakistan. He was arrested in Pakistan and later hanged by a military dictatorship. It seems that the current Pakistani regime is afraid of the possible political future of Benazir Bhutto and thus wants to end her chances by locking her up.

Interpol said it made its decision on the basis of a fresh approach from Islamabad within the last month.

Democracy Leads to Islamism in the Middle East

Debbie Schlussel:

It's rare that I agree with Pat Buchanan on Mid-East issues, but on this one I favor his view to that of Bush and even Israeli conservative Natan Sharansky, whose book on this President Bush read and touted. Unlike the Bush fantasy, democracy does NOT overcome tyrrany and terror in the Muslim Mid-East. It solidifies it, as yesterday's elections proved for the umpteenth time.

At least in the short run, she is proven correct.

More From the Suicide Belt

Daily Times:

Hamas said the militant Islamic group would retain its weapons and its commitment to the destruction of Israel after a Palestinian election on Wednesday in which it is slated to win parliamentary seats for the first time. “The Europeans and the Americans are telling Hamas to choose between arms and parliament. We say we will go for arms and parliament and there is no contradiction between the two of them,” said Ismail Haniya, a senior Hamas leader in Gaza.

Note that this was said before the election. Hamas: Going from mere Islamist terrorists to democratic Islamist terrorists. Hmm, democratic Islamist terrorists. We get an oxymoron (democratic Islamist) and a redunancy (Islamist terrorist). It's a first in Muslim society!

Lucky Raven

CatHouse Chat:

Raven said she likes earth tones, particularly pink and brown. I've done a pink and brown quilt before, so I knew that, although it might sound odd, it's really a beautiful combination.

Of course, the fabrics are much more yummy than the picture makes them...

They are, indeed, beautiful.

Pakistani Justice

The Daily Times:

Two adolescent girls were given to the family of a rape victim as compensation in the practice of the custom of Vani in Chak No31/10-R (Katcha Khuh), Khanewal, on the orders of a punchayat (local council).

But remember, in Islam women are treated with the utmost respect.

Nasim Bibi, the mother of the rape victim, told reporters that Ijaz Ahmed, son of Ameer Baloch, and Riaz, son of Manzoor, raped her 16-year-old daughter. She went to the police station to lodge a complaint, but the perpetrators belonged to influential families and they decided to resolve the matter in a punchayat, Nasim said. The punchayat, headed by Saifullah Khan Niazi, decided that Ijaz’s sister, 8-year-old Nasim Mai, would marry the rape victim’s brother, Muhammad Ashiq, and Riaz’s sister Zareena would marry the rape victim’s uncle, Azhar, said Nasim.

[Emphasis mine]

Aw, isn't that cute: an 8-year-old marrying Muhammad. Had she been two years younger, our Aashiq would have matched the original Mo! Oh, and I'm sure the young bride consented to the lovely union. As we all know that forced marriages never take place in Muslim societies (the whole respek issue).

Like So Normal

The Daily Times:

“Saudi Arabia is like any other country today,” she believes. “Our youth have their aspirations.” Kids are global and politically-minded; they have Internet and technology; they watch MTV and satellite television like any other part of world,” says Saudi poetess.

And all this time, I had thought that Saudi Arabia was an Islamist society where the regime censored the Internet, cut off limbs for stealing, beheaded alcohol consumers, banned any work authored by Jews, kept women in the 7th century, and where mosques blared the azaan on loudspeakers five times a day. So silly of me. Now, I know the truth (peace upon it).

She is also part of the ‘National Dialogue’ set up by former King Fahad aimed at discussing social and other issues related to Saudi Arabia. “The hijab is not an issue,” she says, “whether women are allowed to drive or not is also not an issue. Those are not obstacles in women’s progress.” She feels the Saudi woman is playing for higher stakes like freedom, choice and opportunity.

That's exactly right. If a fire breaks out in the morning, then "the hijab is not an issue." And really why would a woman even want to drive when she has got enough money for a driver!? Fuggetaboutit. Bring on the freedom, the choice and the opportunity! Though, be gentle--it's their first time. Oh, take a few more decades. No hurry, really.

Unconquered, For Now



An artist's conception shows the chilly planet OGLE-2005-BLG-390Lb with its home star in the distance. The star is about a fifth the mass of our sun, and the planet is about five and a half times as massive as Earth.

In a few centuries--maybe decades--we'll have the capacity to visit such wonders. Small talk from the future:

"Say Bob, where did ya go for your vacation?"

"Oh this big place called OGLE. Too frosty for me. Personally I prefer Neptune. Cheaper, better service and good lookin' babes!"

Two Paths

Brian Micklethwait:

Cowperthwaite was criticised during his time in office for not taxing the people of Hong Kong more, and for ignoring, in particular, education. But has there ever been a more stupendous exercise in business education and everything-else-you-can-think-of education than Hong Kong? Hong Kong has been a University of How To Do It for millions upon millions of Chinese, Chinese who are now struggling to turn China itself from a suicidal and murderous world threat into a creative contributor to the world. The productive and trading templates now being followed in China were mostly devised in Hong Kong, and Hong Kong still provides a huge connection between China and the rest of the world.

So, there is at least a decent chance that China will emerge onto the world stage not as a belligerent superpower in the Soviet mold, but as a creative superpower more like nineteenth century Britain or nineteenth century USA.

That will ultimately depend on the evolution of the Chinese political sphere.

The current dictatorship is passively supporting the demented Iranian regime and the crazy North Korean--causing headaches for the West. Another source of worry is the Chinese work in disputed waters and the constant threats to Taiwan. The vicious anti-Japanese rhetoric from China, and the history between these two nations, doesn't provide much optimism.

A Key Difference

She brought along her young Indonesian maid, which I thought ok she can hang out with Laqeesha share some Indomi and chit chat. This is what usually happens when maids come along with company that visits and I have no problems at all with it. Socializing for maids isn't an everyday thing and most don't get to do it at all, especially the non Philippino maids. So we sat down and I started to serve tea when the maid sat on the floor next to the couch that her employer was sitting on. I almost had heart failure, NO please sit on the couch if your employer wants you to stay in the room. But the Saudi woman insisted, NO NO she will sit on the floor it isn't a problem. Maybe not for you, or even for her, but the whole set up made me uncomfortable. It was like sitting a dog at the owners side waiting for masters command or attention.

Precisely. Human dignity: a simple concept that continues to elude the Saudis. The third country nationals (TCNs) in Saudi Arabia are, sadly, not treated with much respect. Do read the last paragraph of the post--it's quite profound.

Mr. India: Double Masala

My siblings have seen the movie, though I never got to watch it. It is surprising to hear of a sequel to an Indian film. I haven't been disappointed with Anil Kapoor or Sri Devi but this will be just... weird considering that they'll be taking up their roles after 20 years.

Shekar Kapur will have to come up with a villain who really has screen presence. The late Amrish Puri had it in abundance. Remember Mola Ram in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom or his role as a helpless father and a policeman in the unforgettable Gardish or his sweetly vicious performance in DDLJ (considered the most successful Hindi movie in Indian cinematic history)?

I am sure that Shekar Kapur will bring a level of excellence that's always expected of him and that is sorely been lacking from other directors (cough*SubhashGhai*cough). At least the movie won't disappear in the mostly atrocious three-movies-a-day that India hurls towards the masses.

Link via (hey, I'm surprised) Known Unknowns!

Well Deserved Applause

Via Althouse, comes this transcript:

QUESTION: Hello, Mr. President. I'm an American-Iraqi Kurd. I would like to salute you and salute all the troops of freeing 27 million people that are free.

BUSH: Thank you.


Glenn Reynolds:

APPARENTLY, BEING CRUSHED UNDER THE IRON HEEL of Chimpy McHitlerburton's evil empire isn't so bad.

That is utterly shocking. Just look at how badly Japan and Germany turned out post-WWII...oh wait!