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Bitch-slapping the Ummah

Foreign Dispatches:

If there is an occasion which illustrates my previous assertions that mainstream, so-called "moderate" Islam is itself both sick and dangerous, and that attempts to lay the blame for Islamic terror on some bogus "fringe" interpretation of it called "Islamism" are extremely disingenous, it has to be this one: not even the most craven of apologists will manage to find a glimmer of rational justification for what a few cartoons in one small-circulation European newspaper has managed to unleash in the adherents of the Religion of Ignorance, Intimidation and Terror.

They don't need to. They've been using irrational justifications for ages.

... time to stock up on Danish beer and sausages, to be consumed together as a most pleasant culinary "up yours" to the barbarians who would punish an entire nation for the exercise of free speech by a few of its citizens.

Good on ya. I'll definitely buy some Danish products the next time I go grocery shopping. Mmm, Danish biscuits.


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