Mr. India: Double Masala
Two Paths

A Key Difference

She brought along her young Indonesian maid, which I thought ok she can hang out with Laqeesha share some Indomi and chit chat. This is what usually happens when maids come along with company that visits and I have no problems at all with it. Socializing for maids isn't an everyday thing and most don't get to do it at all, especially the non Philippino maids. So we sat down and I started to serve tea when the maid sat on the floor next to the couch that her employer was sitting on. I almost had heart failure, NO please sit on the couch if your employer wants you to stay in the room. But the Saudi woman insisted, NO NO she will sit on the floor it isn't a problem. Maybe not for you, or even for her, but the whole set up made me uncomfortable. It was like sitting a dog at the owners side waiting for masters command or attention.

Precisely. Human dignity: a simple concept that continues to elude the Saudis. The third country nationals (TCNs) in Saudi Arabia are, sadly, not treated with much respect. Do read the last paragraph of the post--it's quite profound.


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