"Cycle of Violence"
Bitch-slapping the Ummah

1930s All Over Again

I have often joked with friends about the asinine little fees tacked on to our university tuition here in Canada. You know, a small amount for the useless ultra-leftist student union, tiny deduction for the gym, some money for the obscure newspapers, and $5 for the Hamas fund. Of course, that last bit is a joke. Though for European citizens, the universities don't have to bother; their enlightened governments are on the job:

In a courageous display of stamina, the EU held out for nearly five whole days after the surprise Hamas win in the elections on Wednesday before announcing that they would continue to fund the Palestinian Authority:

The EU has decided to fund a government with a majority party which wants to annihilate* the state of Israel. But remember, there is scarcely any antisemitism in the West.

*That's doubly odd since as we all know the Jews control the world and by corollary the EU. Why are they paying for their own destruction?


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