Convenience vs. Toughness
Bitter Comrades



She's pretty but she has too much eye makeup.

I wonder if some people who vote for the Muslim Brotherhood are meaning it as a stick in the eye to westerners who tried to help them get democracy.

Isaac Schrödinger

That's possible. Though, I think most don't really understand what they're voting for. The Muslim Brotherhood, for the moment, is presenting itself as light on Islamism and heavy on socialism. Since most people want goodies (the goodies they haven't been getting from their present regime), this ultra-Islamist group is winning many seats.

The MB might run on cracking down brothels and making alcohol illegal -- things that most Egyptians find immoral anyway. Thus, the total agenda of the Muslim Brotherhood will only be unveiled when it's too late. The Egyptian society is going to learn how evil Islamism is the hard way.

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