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Price of Forgiveness

There is another dimension to "forgiving" killers in Saudi Arabia: the custom of bloodmoney. This is the case where the family of the victim "forgives" the murderer after receiving money from him/her. The amount of bloodmoney depends on the sex of the victim. For example, if the going rate for a Saudi male is US$20,000, then forgiveness for killing a Saudi women would cost half that. If you don't have that kind of liquidity, then camels will do:

  • Victim: a Muslim male; bloodmoney: 100 camels.
  • Victim: a Muslim female; bloodmoney: 50 camels.
  • Victim: an infidel male; bloodmoney: 50 camels.
  • Victim: an infidel female; bloodmoney: 25 camels.

That's right out of the 10th grade book of Islamic Jurisprudence in Saudi Arabia, thanks to the Religious Policeman. By the way Gavriel, public executions in the desert Mordor are in the form of beheadings.



Thanks for the link, and the correction. Amazing info. The Soccer Dad left me a link with some details about the Saudi chief beheader that was also quite shocking (at least to neophytes like me).

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