Thrashing the Neo-Cons, Again
NYC Transit in Limbo

Peurile Pining for Muslim India

Ishtiaq Ahmed Khan offers a few weaknesses of Pakistan:

Since independence, 58 years have passed and during this period for more than half the time we have been under army rule and martial law. No doubt, the fault lies with our leaders and the army is not to be blamed.

What!? The Pakistani military is practically in charge of the political system. Take a look around Pakistan. The ordinary folks make little money. Quite a few earn less than a dollar a day. But somehow, the chiefs in the military get a mansion, a car, servants, and zero blame for the loser image of Pakistan. Give me a break.

After 1947, we the Indian Muslims are divided into five nations, i.e., Pakistan, Bangladesh, Indian, Azad Kashmir and occupied Kashmir while the Hindus are still Indian and hold one nationality.

Question: Have you heard of these nations: Indian and occupied Kashmir?

I really don't understand this way of thinking. I don't get the inherent weakness in having subcontinental Muslims live in 3-5 countries instead of one. It's not as though the backward, sexist, religiously intolerant, and economically idiotic views of most of these Muslims would disappear if they only lived in one nation.


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