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Price of Forgiveness

There is another dimension to "forgiving" killers in Saudi Arabia: the custom of bloodmoney. This is the case where the family of the victim "forgives" the murderer after receiving money from him/her. The amount of bloodmoney depends on the sex of the victim. For example, if the going rate for a Saudi male is US$20,000, then forgiveness for killing a Saudi women would cost half that. If you don't have that kind of liquidity, then camels will do:

  • Victim: a Muslim male; bloodmoney: 100 camels.
  • Victim: a Muslim female; bloodmoney: 50 camels.
  • Victim: an infidel male; bloodmoney: 50 camels.
  • Victim: an infidel female; bloodmoney: 25 camels.

That's right out of the 10th grade book of Islamic Jurisprudence in Saudi Arabia, thanks to the Religious Policeman. By the way Gavriel, public executions in the desert Mordor are in the form of beheadings.

Ignorant of the Enemy

Russell Means wrote this article on September 30, 2001:

On Tuesday, September 11, 2001, I sat transfixed before the television watching the horror of the world trade center with many emotions running through my heart. On that day I said many prayers for the victims, families and the rescuers.

A few days later:

On Sunday, September 16, my friend Rainer Greeven, Esq. called to assure me that he, his family and immediate friends were safe...I shared with him the following: "George W. Bush has the opportunity to become the greatest President this country has ever produced and to change the course of history. All he has to do is turn the other cheek and reach out to every country and to all peoples in the world."

Imagine an alternate universe where right after the Blitz in 1940, Churchill asks, "Does the Fuhrer need a hug?"

Mr. Greeven was taken aback and his response was, "We have to go after the terrorists wherever they are." I then responded Yes, go after the perpetrators of this holocaust and do what justice demands. Then, Mr. Bush could restart the Peace Corps or any other type of corps he would like to designate. They would go to countries around the world and monitor and assure our foreign aid not only goes to governments but deserving communities and organizations. This would reverse the U.S. policies of granting foreign aide to prop up dictatorships who agree to be our ally. Thus, within four to five years there would not be a country in the world that would allow anti-U.S. terrorists to find haven in their countries.

The naivete on display is jaw-dropping. By the given logic, Egypt should be relatively pro-American by now since the US has been giving that nation over 2 billion dollars a year for decades. Yet, somehow the Muslim Brotherhood is gaining power in that country. The US, or any Western country, cannot win over Islamists and their henchmen by being kind in a war, as though their religious hatred were predicated on the bad behavior of the West.

It isn't. Read this monument to totalitarianism for a better understanding of what the West is up against.

The first duty of a true patriot is to question authority; the first responsibility of a patriot is to be a good neighbor. I have heard the refrain "this is a wake up call for America" from many Americans from all over this country, so I ask those good Americans, who is responsible for putting us in harm's way? It is the policies of our past and present leadership of the United States of America.

The world is too small for the Islamist Caliphate and Western Civilization. One will have to yield. Thus, suicide is the only option if you want to be a "good neighbor." The previous American Administrations can only be faulted for using too little force against the Islamists. Finally, understand this: There is evil in this world and the Americans are not to blame for it.

First link via Abu Sinan who actually believes in this garbage.

Thick Skin: Very Rare in Muslim Nations

The Big Pharaoh:

Turkish prime minister Racep Tayyib Erdocan stated that “anti-Islamism should be treated as anti-Semitism”.

Note, Turkey is a moderate Muslim country.

Visit any bookstore in Europe and you’re most probably going to see books lambasting all sorts of religions. So when will we grow up?

When, indeed?

Off-topic: Don't miss this brief post at BP.

The Dreaded Meme

Done With Mirrors has tagged me with the 7x7 Meme. It's quite a pleasant surprise to be tagged and have myself on his blogroll.
The meme goes like this:

  1. Seven things to do before I die
  2. Seven things I cannot do
  3. Seven things that attract me to (...)
  4. Seven things I say most often
  5. Seven books (or series) that I love
  6. Seven movies I watch over and over again (or would if I had time)
  7. Seven people I want to join in, too.

1. Things to do before I die

  • See Canada join the Coalition of the Willing.
  • Witness the crushing of Islamism.
  • Visit the sites where battles of the Second World War took place.
  • Buy a house.
  • Get married.
  • Have favorite number is four.
  • Raise the kids to be far better than I.

2. Things I cannot do

  • Play a musical instrument.
  • Drive a car.
  • Watch a reality show.
  • Pause blogging for even a day.
  • Buy books in paperback...I love the (expensive!) hardcover.
  • Have a coherent conversation with my siblings.
  • Drink room-temperature pepsi / coke. It has to be chilled.

3. Things that attract me to ... blogging

  • Provide a small voice to the pro-West side in the on-going war.
  • Rhetorically take apart the Islamists and their supporters and apologists.
  • Often times I see or read something that bugs me and the blog allows me to write about it, instead of mumbling my mini-fisking at the TV or the computer.
  • Build up a resource and in the process showcase my surreal life.
  • There are no deadlines. I write at my own pace.
  • My vocabulary and writing style has improved.
  • I didn't realize this before I started blogging but I actually like to construct thoughts, write them out and then polish them. And I get to do that for the things that interest me.

4. Things I say most often

  • "Infidel!"
  • "There they go again." They being the Democrats.
  • "It's not because of something the West has done,..." Trying to explain why Islamists hate the West.
  • "Who is that?" This question comes up when someone is talking about "a star," often, a star from the latest reality show.
  • "Allah be praised!" I say that when Islamists get killed.
  • "We are in the midst of the Fourth World War." That always gets attention.
  • "There are three types of people in this world. One who are good at math and the other who aren't." I often say that when I am helping out someone with a major math problem.

5. Books I love

6. Movies I watch over and over again

  • 12 Angry Men
  • Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence
  • Gladiator
  • Lawrence of Arabia
  • The Matrix (mostly for the lobby scene and, of course, bullet time)
  • Scent of a Woman
  • The Lord of the Rings Trilogy

7. Christmas came a little early for:

A Canadian Al-Qaedist

Gulf News:

A Canadian terror suspect confessed to buying guns and rocket launchers for Al Qaida to use against US forces in Afghanistan, according to a court filing on Monday.

I wonder how much the infidel Canadians tortured the suspect to extract this confession. Since we all know a Muslim would never do such things!

According to the affidavit, it is alleged that his father and some of his brothers had fought for Al Qaida and even stayed with the terror network's leader, Osama Bin Laden.

I wouldn't be surprised if this prosecution / handing him to the US is used as an excuse for terror attacks within Canada.

Link via Jihad Watch.

Blogger Teleconference with US Senators

John Hawkins:

A little earlier today, I was fortunate enough to be invited by the Senate Republican Conference to be on a teleconference with Senators David Vitter (R-LA) and Jim DeMint (R-SC) to talk about the "Patriot Act and DOD authorization bill." Vitter didn't end up making it, but John Cornyn (R-TX) replaced him.


Cornyn slapped the New York Times for complaining so much about the outing of Valerie Plame and then turning right around and compromising one of our most sensitive intelligence gathering programs.

Demint said that the real problem isn't the wiretaps, it's that the Congress can't be trusted with sensitive information. Cornyn then added that the Congress wants to know about these hush hush programs and complains when the President doesn't consult them, but then when the President does consult with Congress they leak the information that he gives to them. So, it's a Catch-22.

Of course, the Democrats play politics with sensitive information in a time of war. But don't you dare question their patriotism.

Utter Humiliation for England

England came to Pakistan after defeating the powerful Australians. Quite a few gave England the edge in the 3-match Test series against Pakistan which they eventually lost 2-0. Today, they're playing their final ODI. Pakistan leads the series 3-1. After a few minutes, it'll be 4-1*.

The end of 2005 has been mighty rude for England. OTOH, it has been gravy for Pakistan. They scored their highest ODI total in the third match of the series and now in ODIs they're ranked second in the world right behind Australia!

I'm salivating over the upcoming India vs. Pakistan series.

* Oops, I spoke too soon. The middle order of Malik, Afridi, and Razzaq failed completely today. They didn't seem to have any hunger for runs. England fought hard and won the last match by 6 runs! So, the series ends with Pakistan 3-2.


I used to fly kites with my cousins in Lahore. It was pure and simple fun. We even had battles with some of the neighbors and got a few "kills".

Now I learn that the Supreme Court of Pakistan has banned kite flying in the country. Talk about extremist judges! Some three hundred thousand people have had their livelihood jeopardized because of this dumb ban. I understand that kite flying can be dangerous but then motorcycles are dangerous as well. An outright ban is an easy option but it also deprives people of fun and excitement.

Update 08:46 PM ET
More here by Andrew Miller:

In a move that is somewhat akin to the re-classification of bagpipes as an instrument of war, the Pakistani Supreme Court has decided that the centuries-old pastime of kite-flying is too dangerous to be allowed to continue. The ban was upheld in Lahore last week amid violent protests, which ironically resulted in dozens of people being admitted to hospital after police baton-charged the crowd.

That got me thinking. What would be the punishment for kite flying? Let's assume it's a hefty fine. So, if an entire neighborhood had their kites up and high, then the policemen in the area would go to each and every house and give everyone a ticket. Now, imagine how easy it would be to commit real crimes in such time periods. The idea, though hopefully not the scope, is similar to what happened in the third Die Hard movie.

NYC Transit in Limbo

Glenn Reynolds:

THE NYC TRANSIT WORKERS' UNION has an unofficial blog, and it's getting an earful in the comments.

The comments were later removed. Thankfully, Glenn has a few excerpts. This one is very telling:

[S]econdly, if i could meet the masterminds behind this strike, i'd personally spit in each of their faces. I know fifty people at my campus who now cannot return to their families for the holiday season, and are being forced to spend their break in a hotel off campus until the transit system is running again. You ought to be ashamed of yourselves doing something this stupid this time of the year. Every single worker participating in the strike is extremely selfish and short sighted.


Peurile Pining for Muslim India

Ishtiaq Ahmed Khan offers a few weaknesses of Pakistan:

Since independence, 58 years have passed and during this period for more than half the time we have been under army rule and martial law. No doubt, the fault lies with our leaders and the army is not to be blamed.

What!? The Pakistani military is practically in charge of the political system. Take a look around Pakistan. The ordinary folks make little money. Quite a few earn less than a dollar a day. But somehow, the chiefs in the military get a mansion, a car, servants, and zero blame for the loser image of Pakistan. Give me a break.

After 1947, we the Indian Muslims are divided into five nations, i.e., Pakistan, Bangladesh, Indian, Azad Kashmir and occupied Kashmir while the Hindus are still Indian and hold one nationality.

Question: Have you heard of these nations: Indian and occupied Kashmir?

I really don't understand this way of thinking. I don't get the inherent weakness in having subcontinental Muslims live in 3-5 countries instead of one. It's not as though the backward, sexist, religiously intolerant, and economically idiotic views of most of these Muslims would disappear if they only lived in one nation.

Thrashing the Neo-Cons, Again

Niall Ferguson on the Iraq War:

It was from the outset a strategy based more on political science than on history. The “democratic peace” theory states that two democracies are always and everywhere less likely to go to war with one another than two dictatorships, or a democracy and a dictatorship. The neocons inferred from this that a more democratic Middle East would be a more peaceful Middle East.

That's not quite right. The Democratic Peace Theory talks of wars only between liberal democracies of which there have been none in the past two centuries.

Yet history offers a salutary warning. Even a complete success in Iraq would leave an awful lot of non-democracies right next door, notably Syria, Saudi Arabia and Iran, which is now the principal menace to stability in the region. In any case, what the democratic peace theory doesn’t tell you is the number of countries that have plunged into civil war after democratization.

Yes, the war was risky for many reasons. Instead of this usual boring criticism, can't you offer something productive?

Iraq could easily go the way of Lebanon in the late 1970s, only bigger and bloodier. And such a war could easily escalate into a regional conflict.

If the history of 20th century Europe is anything to go by, all the ingredients are now in place for the biggest conflagration in Middle Eastern history. The only good news is that the first thing to go up in smoke will be the theory of a democratic peace.

No, it won't. Iraq is surrounded by non-democracies. How would a regional conflict with them hurt the "democratic" peace theory?

Photoshop Burqa 2

This cute shenanigan doesn't match the blatant massacre from last month but it's certainly worth a mention.

Mrs. Burqa

I took the Horoscope page from the 19-25 December issue of Akhbar-e-Jehan and used the "crop" feature in Macromedia Fireworks to get the above photo. I converted it to a jpeg.

Likely for most of you the picture looks fine (perhaps, a little too small). Pay close attention to the dress Mrs. Smith is wearing. Notice anything strange about her back? No, I am not talking about the mini-twister which landed on Mr. Smith. Here's an authentic poster for reference.

The folks at Akhbar-e-Jehan added a little bit more cloth to her dress. Heaven knows the irrevocable damage that could have been caused if millions of muslims had seen the flesh of that whore. Thanks to these brave editors, Muslims will go on respecting women.

Previous Naked Burqas:
November 08, 2005

Bethlehem's City Hall Seized


A dozen gunmen on Tuesday seized the rooftop of Bethlehem's city hall near Manger Square and the Church of the Nativity, and pointed their weapons at Palestinian police below.

What do they want?

It was not immediately clear why the gunmen threatened police or why they had seized the rooftop, said Tony Marcus, a Bethlehem municipal official. He said the gunmen seized the rooftop as town employees were setting up a Christmas market in Manger Square.

Perhaps, they don't like the Christmas-y atmosphere.

Those Crazy Wiccans!

Alli at Jewlicious:

When I was a teenager, I worked in a natural food store where we had a mixed bag of clientele: The Fruitarian who lived off of carrots, who one day extended his orange (no joke) hand and asked me out ‘for juice’, the bleach blonde bodybuilding transvestite with perpetually smeared eyeliner and Tourette’s Syndrome who would alternately yell out, “Ssssscience!” or profanities, and our fair share of Wiccans. One day, I wore a magen david to work and as I was ringing up her tofu and sprouts, Wicca Lady cooed to me, “Oooooooh, I love your pentagram.” Uh, right. My pentagram.


No Shame

Athena goes ballistic on the NYTimes. And rightfully so.

I am sure that the Times questioned the "moral legitimacy" of the US after the Abu Ghraib panty show but now that a totalitarian regime is killing off elected officials and journalists of a neighboring nation, the sum total of their outrage for UN inaction is "too bad".

What's next? Perhaps, the Iranian genocidal aims are "too bad" or the Muslim Brotherhood winning 88 seats in Egypt is "too bad"? Why is it that the NYTimes saves its heated rhetoric for US officials and Americans in general?

Get a load of this:

He is an unlikely firebrand: the soft-spoken son of a blacksmith who still sometimes drives a 30-year-old Peugeot.

Can you guess who? Link via The Corner.

Unhinged Unanimous

John Hawkins posts The 3rd Annual 10 Worst Quotes From The Democratic Underground For 2005. I find this one to be rich:

"no pride-- we should be ashamed of what they've (the troops in Iraq have) our names, not proud of them. They've served as thugs and enforcers for a corrupt foreign policy. They've helped shatter a country already brought to it's knees by ten years of draconian sanctions and an invasion premised upon bald-faced lies. The've participated in a war of aggression that mocks international law. They've murdered untold numbers of innocent civilians. Their occupation has created an insurgency that threatens to consume Iraq in civil war, and causes the deaths of additional innocents. They have destroyed homes and lives for no good purpose whatsoever.

I am deeply ashamed of them. There is nothing noble about what they've done in Iraq. They have not served or defended us-- they served fascism.

To those who inevitably argue that they had no choice but to commit these crimes, consider that this circumstance neither exonerates them under law, nor makes their actions admirable. Only blind alliegence-- the act of being a "good German"-- can raise pride in what they've done in Iraq."

[Emphasis mine]

The Iraqis voted on three different occasions in 2005, thanks to the US Armed Forces. How is that not noble? How is that equivalent to serving fascism?

I read somewhere that fascism is whatever these idiots don't agree with. That seems about right.

Islamism with a Smiley Face

Michael Totten:

“The Muslim Brotherhood is run mostly by old people,” Praktike said. “The Old Guard is definitely less moderate and less democratic. But they are also more willing to make concessions to the regime. They really don’t believe in democracy. The younger members, though, are more democratic. At least they seem to be. They talk a good game, but the way this will all play out if they ever come into power ultimately is unknowable.”

If they do come into power with their "Islam is the Solution" slogan, then politically Egypt is going to end up somewhere between modern-day Saudi Arabia and Taliban-era Afghanistan. So, it'll either be hell or worse than hell.

You think I exaggerate? Check out these posts from The Big Pharaoh:

Who Will Own the 21st Century?


The beginning of the 21st century could perhaps be labelled "the retreat of the Western order", as the Islamic world is challenging us ideologically and China in particular is challenging us economically.

There are many possible scenarios for the first half of the 21st century.

I like the second scenario the most. Though, I wouldn't mind the fifth one. Go there and see if you agree.

The Way ODI Cricket Should Be

England had their ass kicked in the third match. They lost by an asinine 165 runs. Today, Pakistan was bundled out for a paltry 210. Now, England is at 191/9. They need 20 runs from 23 balls. That is what I call an ODI match.


  • 3 overs left and 16 runs needed for England.
  • The other Shoaib is bowling the 48th over. 2nd ball is a wide, doh! The next few are okay. 14 runs from 13 balls.
  • England need to win in order to level the series. Otherwise, Pakistan wins the 5-match setup by going up 3-1.
  • Akhtar is going to send down thunderbolts for the second-last over.
  • The Pakistanis are now heavyweights in the ODI arena.
  • Next series for Pakistan is against India! Those matches will likely pull an audience numbering over a billion.

Yemeni Politics

"President" Saleh of Yemen has been in power for over 25 years. Here we see a glimpse of his grip:

This is a very good article by David Finkel in the WaPo. It shows how the extreme poverty in Yemen (caused in the most by by rampent elite corruption) hinders the moderization of tribal culture. Tribal modernization and an end to “revenge” is opposed strongly by President Saleh as it constitues a threat to his supreme power.

Indeed, placating a few tribes is far easier than dealing with individuals.

Hell for Women

Phyllis Chesler:

Increasingly in Iran, women are publicly hung or are slowly and painfully stoned to death for alleged adultery or for having been raped. Public amputations, floggings, and executions are “almost a daily spectacle”. If women (and men) publicly protest such heartbreaking barbarities, they are slandered as “anti-Muslim,” arrested, and often murdered by the state.

It is not just Iran where women are subjected to such barbarity. Practically the entire Muslim world offers women little but misery.

What must be done? We must combat the hate propaganda against America, Israel, and women that characterizes so much of the Arab and Muslim world today. This is a long educational and cultural process. We must defeat jihad. We must fight back. And, we must peg every peace and trade treaty with a Muslim country to the status of women in that country.

Link via Regime Change Iran.

Different Cultures: Different Outcomes

The Daily Times:

Speakers at a seminar accused the West of imposing its culture on the entire world, including Muslims, and stressed greater ties among the Muslim countries to foil its attempt.

The West has militarily imposed its culture of liberty, democracy and human rights in Afghanistan and Iraq. The Infidel West also pushes these uncouth items diplomatically. They must be opposed. Idiotarians of the world, unite!

Mohammad Hasan Imani, the consul general of Iran, accused the West of working for the elimination of the historical identity of the Muslim world. He said that modern technologies such as satellite channels and Internet were being used to distance Muslim youth from their culture.

Isn't that a gem. Who exactly is using these technologies? (Correct answer spelt backwards: .SWEJ) And how could they possibly use satellite channels and the internet when these means of communications are censored by the Islamist / fascist regimes?

The main reason quite a few of the "Muslim youths" are disenchanted with their culture is because it sucks. Big time. It offers nothing but failure, mediocrity and misery. The various TV channels and the internet allows them to see precisely that. Even though the worldview of such youths might be messed up, they'll still take the Infidel West over the Islamic Iran.

The smart thing for Muslim countries would be to Westernize their cultures. But sadly we're talking about Islamists; their one-and-only solution is, of course, more Islam.

Thus, the Muslim youths remain unsatisfied in their authentic culture.

Muttaween: Bad for Tourism

The sheer incompetence of the Bahraini government is overwhelming. Considering the size of that nation, any decision these clowns make has a huge effect on the economy and the image of Bahrain. Read this post to get the schizophrenic nature of their government.

Perhaps, the idiots are content with the Saudis who race to Bahrain over the weekends for, um, questionable and oh-so-un-Islamic activities. That surely must count as "health tourism."

Utterly Clueless

Damn it, how can these folks be so ignorant? Haven't they heard of google?

It reminds me of the rallies in Pakisan where women held up banners in support of the Taliban! The same Taliban who had closed down girl schools and made the employment of a woman impossbile. As a result, widows in Afghanistan were reduced to begging for food. Yet, right next door, blissfully ignorant women publicly supported that purely Islamic abomination.

Chewing Straw

David replies to Mr. Man:

... I am not afraid to judge those who do the wrong thing. Those who murder in the name of religion. Those who seek to wipe us from the map. They are cartoon villains. They are mindless droids programmed to destroy. At least they forfeit the right to be considered anything else the minute they try to kill innocent people.

Precisely. It is the elevation of terrorists that has caused the upset over Munich. If Israelis truly didn't like the Muslim Arabs, then they wouldn't allow a million of them to live in their country. Think about it: There are more Muslims in Israel than the number of Jews living in all the Muslim-majority countries combined.

Indeed, one side almost completely thinks of the other as villains. Hint: It ain't the Jews / Israelis / Zionists.

Let Purple Ring

A massive post on the Iraqi election at Iraq The Model:

From our correspondent in Kerbala, I.S for pajamas:

People rushed to the polling centers in Karbala since early morning and the first person who voted was a 53 [-year-old] woman who sells dairy products on a sidewalk.
She said: "I had to come early to be able to go back to my work I need to sell all this stuff you see" and she was referring to a tray full of cream and cheese she was holding!

Voting ended a few hours ago.

Also, see this post where Kate excerpts a revealing take on Iraq by an embedded journalist. Here's a different excerpt:

I had similar notions about Iraq, Mosul, the war and what exactly soldiers do. And it was handily shattered like glass today by a group of soldiers, half of them younger than myself.

Update 06:20 PM ET
The Iraqis gave the terrorists the finger. Again.