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No Gym for You, Khallas!

From the Land of Mo:

A few public girls’ schools in Jeddah submitted requests to have gymnasiums built, but their hopes for introducing physical education classes were dashed after the Ministry of Education announced that physical education for girls would not be allowed.

Why not?

Two days ago the Ministry of Education stated that it “would not introduce physical education in girls’ schools” and requested that the media “respect religious, literary and national responsibility” in this regard, according to Arab News’ sister publication Asharq Al-Awsat.

But, of course!

The Religious Policeman speculates on the matter:

... what's the problem? Are the authorities afraid that if enough girls might get fit, they may take on the Saudi national soccer team and beat them? Or if their husbands start smacking them around for their disobedience, they might beat them?

That last one might be a real possibility. Imagine the catastrophic loss of honor if an abusive Saudi husband were to taste his own medicine. Astaghfirullah!


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