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Bruce Thornton:

The Israeli agents tracking down the murderers of Israeli athletes in Munich are defined for the most part by their agonizing moral doubts and ambiguities, incessantly reprising the mantra of “violence begets violence.” The Israeli bomb-maker makes a speech about how killing terrorists somehow compromises Jewish “righteousness,” which suggests that Jews can be righteous and worthy of our sympathy only as long as they remain passive victims, as they are in Schindler’s List.




It seems some of your compatriot jehadis have managed to hit the professors of my school.
One of the prof who was shot was my professor.

While India has IIT and IISc pak has madarsa to confront them. So what if pak can not create a great IT industry like india. so what if pak can not create technical insts like IITs, the madris students can atleast kill those prof to show who is the boss. What a waste that people who are world reknowned for their research, who imparted knowledge in so many student which also included muslim exchange students from bangladesh and other gulf countries have to die such death!

Isaac Schrödinger

I am sorry.

It is sad that Jihadists can't innovate, create and impart real world knowledge but they can certainly murder those who do so. For what it's worth, I continue to support the annihilation of this Islamist ideology which produces such vile creatures.


"In New Delhi, however, Union home secretary Vinod Kumar Duggal said that 'as of now it is not a terrorist attack.'" I wonder what comprises a terrorist attack, if this was not one.

Wasn't it reported that the men who dropped the atomic bombs on Japan suffered agonies of remorse, until the men themselves denied it? Paul Tibbits, for one, never stopped maintaining that he knew what he was doing and that it was the right thing to do. So I wouldn't be surprised to find that the remorse of the Mossad agents was a little theatrical license. I think the idea of Jews having to be victims to be acceptable is spot-on, and while I don't think Mr. Spielberg pushes that idea consciously, I think it wouldn't be a bad idea for him to do a little soul-searching.

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