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A massive post on the Iraqi election at Iraq The Model:

From our correspondent in Kerbala, I.S for pajamas:

People rushed to the polling centers in Karbala since early morning and the first person who voted was a 53 [-year-old] woman who sells dairy products on a sidewalk.
She said: "I had to come early to be able to go back to my work I need to sell all this stuff you see" and she was referring to a tray full of cream and cheese she was holding!

Voting ended a few hours ago.

Also, see this post where Kate excerpts a revealing take on Iraq by an embedded journalist. Here's a different excerpt:

I had similar notions about Iraq, Mosul, the war and what exactly soldiers do. And it was handily shattered like glass today by a group of soldiers, half of them younger than myself.

Update 06:20 PM ET
The Iraqis gave the terrorists the finger. Again.


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