Who Will Own the 21st Century?
Unhinged Unanimous

Islamism with a Smiley Face

Michael Totten:

“The Muslim Brotherhood is run mostly by old people,” Praktike said. “The Old Guard is definitely less moderate and less democratic. But they are also more willing to make concessions to the regime. They really don’t believe in democracy. The younger members, though, are more democratic. At least they seem to be. They talk a good game, but the way this will all play out if they ever come into power ultimately is unknowable.”

If they do come into power with their "Islam is the Solution" slogan, then politically Egypt is going to end up somewhere between modern-day Saudi Arabia and Taliban-era Afghanistan. So, it'll either be hell or worse than hell.

You think I exaggerate? Check out these posts from The Big Pharaoh:


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