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Ignorant of the Enemy

Russell Means wrote this article on September 30, 2001:

On Tuesday, September 11, 2001, I sat transfixed before the television watching the horror of the world trade center with many emotions running through my heart. On that day I said many prayers for the victims, families and the rescuers.

A few days later:

On Sunday, September 16, my friend Rainer Greeven, Esq. called to assure me that he, his family and immediate friends were safe...I shared with him the following: "George W. Bush has the opportunity to become the greatest President this country has ever produced and to change the course of history. All he has to do is turn the other cheek and reach out to every country and to all peoples in the world."

Imagine an alternate universe where right after the Blitz in 1940, Churchill asks, "Does the Fuhrer need a hug?"

Mr. Greeven was taken aback and his response was, "We have to go after the terrorists wherever they are." I then responded Yes, go after the perpetrators of this holocaust and do what justice demands. Then, Mr. Bush could restart the Peace Corps or any other type of corps he would like to designate. They would go to countries around the world and monitor and assure our foreign aid not only goes to governments but deserving communities and organizations. This would reverse the U.S. policies of granting foreign aide to prop up dictatorships who agree to be our ally. Thus, within four to five years there would not be a country in the world that would allow anti-U.S. terrorists to find haven in their countries.

The naivete on display is jaw-dropping. By the given logic, Egypt should be relatively pro-American by now since the US has been giving that nation over 2 billion dollars a year for decades. Yet, somehow the Muslim Brotherhood is gaining power in that country. The US, or any Western country, cannot win over Islamists and their henchmen by being kind in a war, as though their religious hatred were predicated on the bad behavior of the West.

It isn't. Read this monument to totalitarianism for a better understanding of what the West is up against.

The first duty of a true patriot is to question authority; the first responsibility of a patriot is to be a good neighbor. I have heard the refrain "this is a wake up call for America" from many Americans from all over this country, so I ask those good Americans, who is responsible for putting us in harm's way? It is the policies of our past and present leadership of the United States of America.

The world is too small for the Islamist Caliphate and Western Civilization. One will have to yield. Thus, suicide is the only option if you want to be a "good neighbor." The previous American Administrations can only be faulted for using too little force against the Islamists. Finally, understand this: There is evil in this world and the Americans are not to blame for it.

First link via Abu Sinan who actually believes in this garbage.



You saw this, right? Actually, I can't remember who pointed me to it and can't swear that it wasn't you.

Isaac Schrödinger

No, I hadn't seen that before. Thanks. I just finished reading the whole hilarious post. The title, "Infamy, Then and Now" summarizes it very aptly.

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