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The Daily Times:

Islamic clerics in Australia will have to register their credentials and adhere to a strict code of conduct under proposals put forward by a government-backed group of moderate Muslims to curb extremists. The Muslim Advisory Council, created by Prime Minister John Howard in the wake of July’s London bombings, said a registration system would allow Muslims and the wider community to distinguish between responsible clerics and “mavericks” on the fringes of society.

Oh please, do go ahead and abuse the English language. Those who preach hatred towards women, homosexuals, Jews, and Western society are now "independent in behavior or thought". Gag me with a burqa.

I am just waiting for the day when the unbiased MSM calls these non-mainstream and gentle folks "mavericks".



"Gag me with a burqa." Classic. I love it dude. (I'm a assuming that's not a real Islamic punishment but just a clever line.)

Isaac Schrödinger

Yeah, a clever line written in anger. It's sickening to see the media use morally neutral terms for human scum. Here, they have gone one step further; they are using positive rhetoric for these pigs.

These imams literally and rigidly believe in 1400-years-old writings. They don't allow trivial matters such as democracy, human rights, secular government and tolerance to alter their beliefs. And somehow that's being a "maverick"? The media must be using alternate dictionaries in which "maverick" is synonymous with "brain-dead". Bloody idiots!

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