Reverse Evolution
Wayne and Kal-El

Different Cultures: Different Outcomes

The Daily Times:

Speakers at a seminar accused the West of imposing its culture on the entire world, including Muslims, and stressed greater ties among the Muslim countries to foil its attempt.

The West has militarily imposed its culture of liberty, democracy and human rights in Afghanistan and Iraq. The Infidel West also pushes these uncouth items diplomatically. They must be opposed. Idiotarians of the world, unite!

Mohammad Hasan Imani, the consul general of Iran, accused the West of working for the elimination of the historical identity of the Muslim world. He said that modern technologies such as satellite channels and Internet were being used to distance Muslim youth from their culture.

Isn't that a gem. Who exactly is using these technologies? (Correct answer spelt backwards: .SWEJ) And how could they possibly use satellite channels and the internet when these means of communications are censored by the Islamist / fascist regimes?

The main reason quite a few of the "Muslim youths" are disenchanted with their culture is because it sucks. Big time. It offers nothing but failure, mediocrity and misery. The various TV channels and the internet allows them to see precisely that. Even though the worldview of such youths might be messed up, they'll still take the Infidel West over the Islamic Iran.

The smart thing for Muslim countries would be to Westernize their cultures. But sadly we're talking about Islamists; their one-and-only solution is, of course, more Islam.

Thus, the Muslim youths remain unsatisfied in their authentic culture.


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