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Tanvir Ahmad Khan:

Israel insists that Hamas cannot be allowed to participate in the forthcoming Palestinian elections and if Mahmoud Abbas does not eliminate Hamas from the contest, Israel will not allow voting in Jerusalem . Sharon’s spokesman considers a possible Hamas victory as the end of the peace process.

This is a disconcerting and perplexing response to the recent gains made by Hamas in the local body elections. Analysed in the framework of accepted norms applicable to conflict resolution, the transition from armed struggle to a readiness to participate in a political process — the momentous shift from bullets to the ballot — is a desirable transformation that should be encouraged.

Mr. Khan is saying that the Israelis ought to welcome the political legitimization of a terrorist group which aims for the complete destruction of Israel. I find his bloviating wish "perplexing". Later on:

Unlike some other militant factions such as Islamic Jihad, Hamas has shown an awareness of present day regional and global realities by its willingness to terminate its boycott of political institutions under conditions of alien occupation. It regards abandonment of armed struggle as premature, but implicit in its bid for a share of political power is the promise of accepting Israel’s right to exist within its pre-1967 borders.

[Emphasis mine]

Don't you just love that implicit promise! You see, Palestinians are voting for a genocidal bunch and when these charming fellows do get into power, then they'll stop calling for the extermination of Jews.

I mean really, who ever heard of a political organization, with genocidal aims, which got voted in and then went on to kill millions of Jews!? Hogwash. The West should greet Hamas with a sidewinder smile.


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