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Umar Lee:

I hope that as Muslims we are not deceiving ourselves into believing that the only ones hostile to us are those on the Right who are seeking a crusade against the Islamo-fascists in defense of a supposed Judeo-Christian civilization. There are those on the Left, who will never pick up a gun (but don’t mind others fighting and dying for them), who are conducting just as viscous of a campaign of lies and deceit against Muslims.

Umar Lee doesn't elaborate on the "viscous" lies of the Left. Though, he does take issue with what Robert Dreyfuss has to say.

Today, the Ikwaan is a force for democracy in the Muslim World, and is working towards democratic reforms and religious moderation and because of that they are the target of religious extremists. When Dreyfuss mentions the fact that Islamic Jihad in Egypt and others grew out of the Ikwaan; he fails to mention they were forced out of the Ikwaan and they hate the Ikwaan because they feel the brothers are too soft and moderate.

The Muslim Brotherhood is a "force for democracy" and "soft and moderate"? Stop it, you're killing me!



Viscous lies are the ones that when you read them, it's like wading through molasses.

"Hey! All those people over there are stereotyping me!"

Isaac Schrödinger

That was quite funny. Thanks.

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