Inconceivable Iftar

Chewing Straw

David replies to Mr. Man:

... I am not afraid to judge those who do the wrong thing. Those who murder in the name of religion. Those who seek to wipe us from the map. They are cartoon villains. They are mindless droids programmed to destroy. At least they forfeit the right to be considered anything else the minute they try to kill innocent people.

Precisely. It is the elevation of terrorists that has caused the upset over Munich. If Israelis truly didn't like the Muslim Arabs, then they wouldn't allow a million of them to live in their country. Think about it: There are more Muslims in Israel than the number of Jews living in all the Muslim-majority countries combined.

Indeed, one side almost completely thinks of the other as villains. Hint: It ain't the Jews / Israelis / Zionists.


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