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I used to fly kites with my cousins in Lahore. It was pure and simple fun. We even had battles with some of the neighbors and got a few "kills".

Now I learn that the Supreme Court of Pakistan has banned kite flying in the country. Talk about extremist judges! Some three hundred thousand people have had their livelihood jeopardized because of this dumb ban. I understand that kite flying can be dangerous but then motorcycles are dangerous as well. An outright ban is an easy option but it also deprives people of fun and excitement.

Update 08:46 PM ET
More here by Andrew Miller:

In a move that is somewhat akin to the re-classification of bagpipes as an instrument of war, the Pakistani Supreme Court has decided that the centuries-old pastime of kite-flying is too dangerous to be allowed to continue. The ban was upheld in Lahore last week amid violent protests, which ironically resulted in dozens of people being admitted to hospital after police baton-charged the crowd.

That got me thinking. What would be the punishment for kite flying? Let's assume it's a hefty fine. So, if an entire neighborhood had their kites up and high, then the policemen in the area would go to each and every house and give everyone a ticket. Now, imagine how easy it would be to commit real crimes in such time periods. The idea, though hopefully not the scope, is similar to what happened in the third Die Hard movie.


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