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An Honest Muslim

Moez Mobeen:

Islam is not just a religion it is a complete ideology which consists of the faith as well as systems organising human societies. Islam has its own view towards life and global affairs. This is where the clash lies — the worldview of capitalism is contradictory to that of Islam.

In fact Islam has presented the system of a caliphate — a super Islamic State which was a major political and military force in the past — which ensured that the Islamic view was implemented and known to the world. So it is all about civilizations and their clash. If really the Muslims are at fault why is the West interfering in the affairs of the Ummah and imposing its system on them. Let the Muslims decide politics. At the moment, it is Mr Bush who is being guided by God in his foreign policy.

[Emphasis mine]

Mobeen directly states that in Muslim-majority societies, the political sphere can't be secular since in Islam there is no separation of mosque and state. He is correct. Though, I disagree with him on a technical aspect. You see, we can't have a clash of civilizations when one side doesn't have a civilization to speak of. It's more like a clash of worlds: the West vs. Islam.


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