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The Government is Your Friend

Great Moments in Unintended Secondary Effects:

With wages frozen by government edict, employers begin offering non-taxable health insurance to attract and retain scarce employees. The next sixty-odd years will feature numerous proposed government solutions to this unintended secondary effect of the original government solution.

Also read the first comment. It shows how successful MA politicians have been in convincing folks of the horrible cannibalistic nature of the market. The solution they offer is always the same: more incompetent government.



Thanks for the reply. What I cant fathom is that how an athiest/agnostic pakistani remain a "pakistani" when very reason of the existance of pakistan is Islam. BTW proclaiming that you are an athiest can be harmful for your health in pakistan. Considering you consider it as an evil ideology how can you reconcile the seperation for pakistain from india? I am not one of those who want to grab neighbour's land but the very reason india was divided was Islam. So if a pakistani stops believing in Islam doesnt it automatically makes him an indian?

Isaac Schrödinger

I consider the people of Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh to be of one huge nation. You may ask, "what binds us?" I think a quasi-common language since we can often communicate with each other in Urdu / Bombay Hindi. Hence, if I was alive in the 1940s, I wouldn't have supported the partition. Incidentally, neither did Winston Churchill who understood the undercurrent tensions and correctly predicted a bloodbath.

The noxious combination of religion and nationalism has wrecked Pakistan. I'm in a tiny minority of "Pakistanis" who believe that the military-political system plus the unaccountable Islamist-infested ISI has no intention of making peace with India. They might, under severe pressure from the US, curb their war with the infidel India but not fully end it.

Speaking of dividing the land based on religion; even within Pakistan, one has to believe in the "correct" Islam. Those who are Shias are not treated kindly. Allah forbid if you're an Ahmadi because then the discrimination is open and severe. Pakistani passport and national ID applications ask everyone to say that one is NOT an Ahmadi and then sign the papers. Many Ahmadis I know, thus, publicly deny their beliefs to save their families from public scrutiny.

"So if a pakistani stops believing in Islam doesnt it automatically makes him an indian?"

I guess you could look at it that way. Though, technically I'd still need a visa to visit India.


At first I didnt actually belive that you were a pakistani. As any other pakistain would think I thought you infact were an Indian posing to be a pakistani. Probably except some iranians or turkish people I just havent seen many people comming out of darkness which has engulfed pakistan and most of arab world. The desire of pakistanis to associate them with arab world and their claim that many of them are decendents of pro Mo(PBUH pbuh pbuh pbuh) and other arabs despite the behavior meeted out on them by their arab masters makes me sick. When I encounter such pakis I just wish them luck that Inshallah the wish of pakistan to become an arab country comes true in another 20-30 years. Probably that would be the new national day for pakistan.
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