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Akbar-e-Jehan is an Urdu weekly magazine from Pakistan. I used to read it a lot when I was in Pakistan and Saudi Arabia. Here's their website. I was surfing through it today and found something that looked odd. I quickly realized what they did. The smart people [update: archived link] at the magazine added mini-burqas to the Miss Earth 2005 finalists.

Burqa over Beauty

I took the entire page with its Urdu text and used the "crop" feature in Macromedia Fireworks to get the photo. I converted it to a jpeg. Here's how the three rows look to me:
First Row
The magenta dress on the second lady (from the right) is in reality not that high. It was added in.

Second Row
The red dress is added on Miss Venezuela on both the photos on the right and the left. Again, the magenta dress is added; left photo.

Third Row
Right: The black and green are the additions of our Pakistani friends.
Center: The red and (again!) the magenta are added in on the two ladies.
Left: By far the most ridiculous photo of all. A flowing burqa! Simply contrast this idiocy with the photo in the top row.

Every woman in Pakistan "wears" a burqa even when she doesn't. Wouldn't want to offend the oh-so-tender sensibilities of Muslims.

The non-burqa gallery for the curious types.

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