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Fine Muslimah

Ah yes, the proper education for Muslim girls in Saudi Arabia. Teaching them all the good stuff like not driving, not mingling with men, obeying the husband, cooking food, and cleaning the house. Of course, if they get a little uppity, the father or husband can beat them but only non-harshly.

... they [the women] are not worth as many camels as a man, when we have to pay "blood money".

Bloodmoney for a free male Muslim… is a hundred camels.
Bloodmoney for a free infidel is half the bloodmoney for a Muslim…
Bloodmoney for a woman is half the bloodmoney for a man, each one according to her religion, as bloodmoney for a Muslim female is half the bloodmoney for a Muslim and bloodmoney for an infidel female is half the bloodmoney for an infidel.

Islamic Jurisprudence, Grade 10, (2001) p. 46

So, if one is killed in Saudi Arabia and the family of the victim agrees to accept the bloodmoney, then the killer goes free. And mashallah, we're provided with the above numerical guidelines. Again:

  • Victim: a Muslim male; bloodmoney: 100 camels.
  • Victim: a Muslim female; bloodmoney: 50 camels.
  • Victim: an infidel male; bloodmoney: 50 camels.
  • Victim: an infidel female; bloodmoney: 25 camels.

Allah be praised!

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Big Dog

And I'd fly 10,000 miles to smoke those camels....

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