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A Free Headache

I'll offer a little personal experience on this story. My youngest sibling has an odd diet. He eats everything that's sweet in the home and then goes for "the main course." Often, we have quite a varied supply of sugary foods. Soft drinks, ice cream, biscuits, sweets, and cake being the most popular. Our mom didn't like his diet for two reasons:

  1. My brother wasn't eating healthy food.
  2. There was a noticeable increase in his ballisticness.

So, she tried to limit his access to the listed items. The removal of one entry that really made him calm down was Pepsi. Everyone noticed the difference. Believe me, that tiny caffeine jolt packs quite a punch.

Last I heard, coffee had more caffeine than Pepsi. I don't think those schools are going to get "alert and attentive" kids. Instead, they'll be "hyper and uncontrollable."


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