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Those Crazy Shamshoons!

How insecure are these people to ban "The Duff"? Sheesh, the authentic Islamic culture of repression and suppression is going strong!

This reminds me of the magazines which Saudi Arabia imports. There, I used to read a weekly Urdu magazine from Pakistan called Akbar-e-Jehan. It would have a one or two-page sports section with a few choice photos. Sometimes, the mag would print a photo of a female tennis player and there would be, I assume, Saudi guys whose job was to mark out the naked legs of the player with a permanent marker. Similarly, in the ads, I would see women with smiling faces and "a magic burqa" covering their legs. Sometimes, entire pages would be ripped out from the magazine, so I didn't get to know what offended the regime or the Muttawa.

In the early 90s with the legal sales of satellite dishes, every devout Saudi could get Baywatch in his home. Many religious nuts tried hard to have the dishes banned but failed. Think about that. So fragile is their religion, they think it'll shatter if exposed to Pamela's hypnotic tits. They failed then but now the Simpsons are going to be slaughtered at the alter of Islamism.

No thank you and don't come again.

Update 03:14 PM EST
See what Rick Moore has to say about it.


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