A Fine Legacy
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Uri Avnery is an Israeli peace activist who has served three terms in the Israeli parliament (Knesset), and is the founder of Gush Shalom (Peace Bloc). Do keep that in mind when you read what he wrote:

Carefully concealing his anger, Sharon shook hands with Abbas in Aqaba, in the presence of Bush. He saw, with growing concern, how the Palestinian leader was received in the White House and heard Bush praise the democratic elections held by the Palestinians. There was a growing danger that the Americans would realise an old nightmare of Israeli governments: an “imposed peace” that would compel Israel to return more or less to the pre-1967 border.

Therefore, Sharon adopted a cautious tactic: gain time, wait for a change of circumstances, and in the meantime be content with sticking needles into Abbas’ effigy. It was impossible to launch a demonisation campaign against him, as had been done to Arafat, with participation of the world Jewish media. But a daily message was planted: Abbas is a wet rag, Abbas is not worth anything, Abbas cannot destroy the “terror infrastructure”, it’s useless talking to him.

How did this raving antisemite, and useful infidel, get elected to the Knesset?


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