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Nominees for SCOTUS

RWN polled bloggers on the right for their most desired and least desired lists of SCOTUS nominees. Take a look at the results. Five of my six most desired nominees made the list. In fact, I completely agree with the top three picks! Whereas only four of my six least desired nominees made the other list.

Here are my picks for your interest.
Janice Rogers Brown
Alex Kozinski
J. Michael Luttig
Michael McConnell
Richard Posner
Eugene Volokh

Alice Batchelder
Edith Clement
Emilio Garza
Alberto Gonzales
Theodore B. Olson
Priscilla Owen

Again, I'd love to see the President nominate Brown. If he does so, then the right-of-center blogosphere will celebrate and the left-of-center will go nuts. It'll certainly make for an entertaining episode following the Miers fiasco.


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