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Holy Merde

Economic Might

An incredible stat:

... the US economy has NEVER [*] had a streak of more than 7 quarters of 3.0% or greater annualized growth at any other time in the 58 years that quarterly GDP statistics have been kept!


QUESTION: When is this economy going to [get] some respect?

ANSWER: When there's a Democrat in the White House.

Update 01:35 AM ET, NOV. 01
* I should have mentioned the proper context. Tom Blumer cited three instances in total (including the present economic boom) where the US economy has had a streak of more than 7 quarters of 3.0%+ GDP growth. Thanks for the comment, Tom.

Though, it would be nice, in a few quarters, to have that statement be true without the asterisk.


Tom Blumer

Thanks for the trackback and the interest. Just wanted to make sure you realize that the stat you cited is true except for TWO other instances, as the post stated (13 quarters from 1Q83 to 1Q86 and 8 quarters during the mid-1990s).

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