Day of Dhoni
Those Tricky Jews!

Controlling Access

Internet costs were raised by 50% in Yemen.

In Saudi Arabia, I would buy internet cards which provided the info to connect on the net. For example, a 50-riyal (US$13.33) card provided the data for 50 hours of internet access. So, a US dollar would get us approximately 4 hours of internet access. And this was on a miserable 56kbps connection. You can imagine how easy it would be to raise the price of the internet in such a situation.

I wouldn't be surprised if the internet setup and censorship in Yemen is similar to Saudi Arabia. For example, I read the Jewish World Review and once, in Saudi Arabia, I entered their URL into the address bar and upon pressing enter got a message which basically stated: For the protection of you and your family, this site can't be accessed. I quickly learned that any URL with the word JEW in it is banned in the Magic Kingdom.


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