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MSNBC has an article up about unemployment in New Orleans:

At a town hall meeting Wednesday afternoon, some confronted the mayor about the inequity of it all.

“Is slavery over or what?” one asked. “Are we going to make money or what? I got skills.”

Wow. Not making the money one thinks they should be making = slavery. It's not as though the place is completely devoid of jobs.

McDonalds is offering a $50 hiring bonus.

“So we can hire today,” explains McDonalds’ manager Linda Dunton, “and you can work today.”

Burger King has upped the ante to $6,000 for those who commit for a year.

Whatever one might say about these jobs, they aren't equivalent to slavery. They are low-paying temporary jobs. Accept one or two for now and get a better paying job in a few weeks or months. Don't trivialize slavery.



In response to that comment, I'd tell them to stfu and find another job.

But what do I know? I'm insenstive...idiots.

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