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Jaw-dropping statistics about the US Navy.

Today, the USN enjoys  a "17 Navy standard"; that is, the total tonnage of Uncle Sam’s fleet is equal to the combined total tonnage of the next 17 smaller navies. Even combining the two biggest potential naval competitors (the Chinese and the Russians), the USN still outclasses them by over 3:1 in tonnage, and it has substantially more combat power.

Link via Port McClellan who adds:

To place this in perspective, it is worth noting that Great Britain, in her Victorian and Edwardian hey-day, maintained a 2 navy standard, as in, Britannia's fleet was required to always be as large as the next two largest navies combined.

The latent power of the American Republic is truly overwhelming.



A lot of nuke power on those boats too so oil probs would be less problematic to some degree. maybe small...

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