Depravity Continues in Kashmir
Racism by Another Name

Ungrateful Ummah

An interesting op-ed:

Pakistanis may not know much about world geography or international affairs, except the “conspiracies” hatched by the many “enemies” of Islam and Pakistan (of which they have ample knowledge), but the news that Turkey may, at some future date, gain membership of the European Union seems to have reached them.
It seems nothing can deter or prevent Pakistanis, particularly those hailing from some of its most prosperous districts, from heading to the “decadent” West in search of a better life. Hundreds make it, dozens get deported, a few unlucky ones return in body bags. Those who are deported live to fight another day, so to speak, and usually try again. When life in the West is the ultimate reward, neither money nor will power is in short supply.

It's sad that the very concepts and ideals which have provided the West its wealth and power are loathed by many of these Pakistanis.



Very interesting, thank you.

Isaac Schrödinger

You're welcome.

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