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The Frogs are Being Targeted


Authorities fear that a suspected Islamic terror cell broken up in France was plotting attacks on the Paris subway, an airport and an intelligence agency's headquarters, newspapers said Tuesday.

But ... but:

  • George W. Bush is not the president of France.
  • There aren't any Republicans in Paris (the city).
  • France does NOT have troops in Iraq.
  • France opposed the Iraq War.

I don't get it. What have the French done to enrage the peaceful Islamists?

I'm so confused.

Update :: 09/28/05
Islamists in Germany! But ... but Germany has been sooo nice to the Islamists. For example, the Germans didn't, and still don't, support the war in Iraq.

Very very confusing.

Update II :: 09/29/05
Tim Blair:

France’s massive commitment to the war in Iraq has made it enemy No. 1 of radical Islamists.

The Belgravia Dispatch:

The 7/7 bombings were all about the Iraq war, right?

Well, that's what the MSM tells us. They can't be wrong, right?



French wine, anti-head covering laws, and single-handedly keeping the Jerry Lewis fan club alive. But do they really need a reason?

Isaac Schrödinger

"But do they really need a reason?"

The major Western countries that, so far, have been adamantly against the Iraq War -- Germany, France, and Canada -- are going to find out the answer to that question the hard way.

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