Propaganda Loves Fiasco

Sharia Depravity

Foreign Dispatches:

I look at insanity like this, endorsed by the popular will of the people of those states in which they are occurring, and I am reinforced in my conviction that the country would be better off split into three or at the very least two parts, one bit for these religious lunatics, and the other part for the rest of the populace which likes the 21st century just fine.

I don't think that splitting the country into two or more parts will help the overall situation. Three reasons:

  • We do not want to indirectly legitimize Sharia by giving a third or a half of a state to its practitioners. Sharia advocates the beheading of alcohol consumers (Saudi Arabia), lashings for victims of rape (you read that right; Saudi Arabia), hanging those who disrespect the Prophet Muhammed (Pakistan), throwing homosexuals off cliffs (Taliban-era Afghanistan).

Teenagers Executed

These two teenagers were publicly executed by the Iranian regime on July 19, 2005. Why? They were homosexuals.

  • If Niger is divided into two, Sharia Niger and Liberal Niger, then there is no guarantee that those who do stay in Sharia Niger, stay by choice. We shouldn't condemn kids in a large family to Sharia just because their hideous parents decided to apply the law of Allah for them.
  • If we do get a Sharia Niger and a Liberal Niger, then as long as a Liberal Niger exists, Sharia Niger will be in a permanent state of war with her. Why? Once a Muslim land, Always a Muslim land. I can't imagine the Sharia Nigerians to be peaceful neighbors. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if foreign Islamists came in to help Sharia Niger to reclaim Liberal Niger for Dar-al-Islam.

Because of these three reasons, I do not think that a Liberal Niger will be overall better off. We should aim for and support the complete removal of Sharia from Niger.


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