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It is All Clear Now

Kathy Bullock:

Far from being an ancient medieval law code that is "oppressive and barbaric" and discriminates against women as critics argue, sharia aims to provide justice, respect and fairness for everyone, Bullock said.

Of course, the Afghanis were overwhelmed with justice, respect, and fairness during the 90s. And of course, Sharia in no way discriminates against women. I was under the impression that Sharia is one of the most deprave and evil methods of subjugating humanity.

So naive of me.

Link via Dhimmi Watch.

Human Garbage

Mary Madigan:

Galloway was the perfect representative of the totalitarian thug. If Galloway had been speaking German his delivery would have mirrored Hitler's from the rally at Nuremburg. He used the same gestures, the same barking, bombastic style, shouting into the microphone, jabbing the air with muscular authority. Hitch said of Galloway, "The man's search for a tyrannical fatherland never ends!" It seems that Galloway plans to create his own.

Galloway got increasingly revolting with each passing minute. He called the Islamist terrorists in Iraq a "liberation movement." That will come as a surprise to the 8 million Iraqis who risked their lives to vote earlier this year. Galloway also supports the immediate removal of Allied troops from Iraq. He wants to hand the Islamists their biggest victory since 9/11 and there were Americans who applauded him.

I've lived under one of the vilest regimes in the world - the Sauds of Arabia. Most of the 9/11 hijackers were Saudi. Osama is from Saudi Arabia. Yet, to Galloway, Britain and the US - two countries which don't and won't take away his freedom to spew venom - are the two biggest rogue states in the world.

The Force of Idiotarianism must be strong with his supporters.

Link via Daimnation!

I Feel Their Pain


May I be forgiven for thinking that it is more than a little bizarre that John Roberts should be asked to respond to the legal issues of the day "as a father" or "as a man"?

Forgiven. The democrats simply have no dirt on Roberts. So, now they're employing these oh-so-innocent appeals to emotion, hoping that Roberts says something mean. It just goes to show how solid a nominee Roberts has been from the start.

...Judge Roberts is treated like a guest on Oprah, and asked to share his feelings about legal issues outside of his role as a judge and a potential Chief Justice.

Roberts should give the democrats a big group hug. Is that too much to ask?

What Say You, England?

Wasim Akram demands an apology:

Wasim Akram says England should apologise for accusing his team of cheating in 1992 when they used reverse swing. Akram and Waqar Younis used it to devastating effect in that series, and England employed the same art to similar effect all summer against Australia; Simon Jones and Andrew Flintoff were particularly adept at using it.

Perhaps, the English cricketers were being sour losers since they had lost to Pakistan in the World Cup final earlier that year.

Booga Booga!

Alternative sources...where is the money?...where are the resources?...

Where is the sanity? For the moment we've got some liberals enlightening us with their divine presence.

Thanks to the Lizard-King for the title of this post.

6:38 p.m. Atrocious music playing right now. Yikes.

6:58 p.m. They really luv Galloway.

7:17 p.m. Hunh, General Limbaugh. Dang, this thing should start already. Otherwise, I'll be late for the second battle.

7:30 p.m. It will begin in a few moments. Allah be praised.

7:38 p.m. Baghdad, Fallujah, Palestine, and poor people. Wow, the cliches just keep on coming.

3 more minutes! YEAAARGH.

Apologies to Dean.

7:40 p.m. They told us that this debate would begin at 6 p.m., yet the time now is 7:40 p.m. KPFTX LIED about the debate. They misled us into this LLL quagmire. They should stop their occupation of the poor souls in the hall.

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. Say NO to incompetence and laziness.

8:10 p.m. Christopher Hitchens ripped apart LLL. Yet, Galloway hasn't responded to any of his points. Though, Galloway sure knows how to play to the anti-war and the anti-American crowd.

Gods No More

I wrote two days ago:

I feel sorry for Ponting. This has to be his most bitter defeat. Though, if it wasn't for his majestic century in the third Test at Old Trafford, Australia would have gone down 3-1 instead of 2-1. The guy could only do so much. The two who deserve the blame: Hayden and Gilchrist. They simply did not deliver when Australia needed them the most.

Yesterday at Cricinfo:

For the first time since the 1978-79 Ashes - a series blighted by Packer defections - Australia failed to muster 400 in any of their innings. This, beyond all else, was the difference between the sides. As Adam Gilchrist graciously admitted, England's attack was the best he had ever encountered in his career. The fortunes of Gilchrist and Matthew Hayden, two of the most aggressive batsmen in Test history, epitomised a side that had turned from hunters to hunted.

[Emphasis mine]

So very sad.

Stay Fresh (if you can)

Gavriel offers some good advice for trans-Atlantic travel:

I strongly recommend blocking out 5 minutes of your busy flight schedule to follow Dalia and Osnat's Pilates Video Workout. It's worth it, even though only a two year old would actually have enough room to follow the drills sitting in a real airplane without breaking the seat in front or tripping a flight attendant. You won't be able to do the exercises, but if you are like me, you'll still be curious to finally learn where all this fuss about Pilates is coming from. Let me just say this: walking is an Olympic sport. So until they start handing out medals in Synchronized Pilates, I'm going to stick to the equally strenuous "post-nap stretching."

I have travelled between Saudi Arabia and North America. I was surprised to see these elaborate exercises videos for the reasons mentioned above.

I still remember an inappropriate in-flight movie. The in-flight movie guide provided a specific warning which gave away an important part of the film. The movie was released five years ago. Take a guess?

Useful Infidels and Ostriches

David Horowitz links to a useful infidel:

The lengthy cover story on the war on terror written by Mark Danner in the magazine section of the Sunday New York Times is little more than an apology for the Islamic terrorists who are seeking to destroy us. Danner, a Nation leftist, demonstrates in the course of this article that he didn't understand the Cold War (or rather regarded America as the villain), doesn't understand the war on terror or the war in Iraq and thinks the religious fanatics of al-Qaeda who murder innocents to go to heaven are really critics of American foreign policy who are upset about the Arab dictatorships in the Middle East: "Fundamentalist Islamic thought took aim at America's policies, not its existence." This sentence is so preposterous, so ignorant of radical Islam from Sayyid Qutb to the Ayatollah Khomeini, that it is hard to believe Danner wrote it let alone that he believes it, but he does.

[Emphasis mine]

Four years and counting, and Mark Danner is still ignorant. Perhaps, he'll like to tell the vacationing Australians about their rude policies. Or tell the Russian kids to change their infidel lifestyle. Or illuminate the Iraqis about their eeevil democratic ways. Sigh. Why, oh why, does the MSM have so many unwitting tits on its payroll?

Charles links to an ostrich:

Four years after the September 11 attacks, Mohammad-Mahmoud Ould Mohamedou has an op-ed in the Boston Globe asking: Time to talk to Al Qaeda? (Hat tip: Daily Pundit.)

Read what the lizards have to say about this intellectual moron.

"Social Justice" is Served

Thomas Sowell:

During my first semester of teaching, many years ago, I was surprised to encounter the philosophy that the brightest students did not need much help from the teacher because "they can get it anyway" and that my efforts should be directed toward the slower or low-performing students.

What a wretched idea. Note, I am *not* against helping low-performing students. But why should the best students be shafted in the process?

This reminds me of my grade 11 math course where the teacher tried mighty hard to teach incredibly varied students. No matter how much effort he put into explaining the material, about half of the class simply did not get "it". Not because he was teaching to the brightest but because the twits in that half were not interested in learning. So, we had a situation where a sizable number of the top half were bored to death and the lower half was daydreaming.

Fortunately, there was an option for an advanced mathematics course. I upgraded in the second semester.

Cowboy Capitalism Needed

The economic powerhouses of Europe and Asia are compared at Foreign Dispatches. On the upcoming election in Germany:

If the Germans give Gerhard Schröder a third term in office, or hand the CDU-FDP alliance anything less than a strong mandate, Germany will effectively be finished as a motor of European growth for the next half-decade at least, and very likely for much, much longer.

I would say that Germany has already ceased to be the motor for European growth. The GDP growth rates of Germany from 2001-04 are 0.8, 0.1, -0.1, 1.6. Here's the pdf with the statistics.

If Herr Doofus is reelected, then the above situation will remain the same.

End of an Era

The Australians have lost the Ashes series of 2005.

Pakistan will soon play the best team in the world.

Andrew Miller wrote an incredible column:

Hope and despair, those terrible tyrants, have ruled our summer with a Machiavellian glee, but today they were dispatched to the outer reaches of the kingdom. England have won back the Ashes. Only disbelief remains to confound us.

Peter English:

Ponting laughed at the start of the tour when asked if he'd be the man to lose the Ashes. He now has to carry the title around like the scar on his cheek from the opening morning at Lord's. It will be a big burden after 16 years of ownership through Border, Taylor and Waugh. Months of post-mortems will re-examine the faults of a flawed campaign in which desire was heightened when the side was at its most desperate.

I feel sorry for Ponting. This has to be his most bitter defeat. Though, if it wasn't for his majestic century in the third Test at Old Trafford, Australia would have gone down 3-1 instead of 2-1. The guy could only do so much. The two who deserve the blame: Hayden and Gilchrist. They simply did not deliver when Australia needed them the most.

War Against the West

Al Qaeda specifically singles out L.A. and Melbourne for future attacks.

From November of 2002:

The tape was aired on the Arabic television network al-Jazeera on Tuesday. The voice [of Osama] on the tape names Canada, Australia, France, Germany and Great Britain and warns they will face reprisals for siding with Washington.

Note that Canada is on the hit list as well. Al Qaeda might use the recent rejection of Sharia in Ontario as an added excuse for a terrorist attack in Canada. I hope that Canadians don't fall for that.

The Standards of the MSM

"Getting angry" with Islamic terrorism? That is sooo uncouth! And bigoted. What we need to be is more understanding of the "root causes." You know, American support for Joos, not accepting the peaceful Sharia, Joos, hurting peaceful Muslims like Osama and Saddam, Joos, not allowing a burqa for a Muslima's driver's license, Joos.

And of course, the Joos.


[3 of 4]...Part 1...Part 2.

I was having breakfast in my serene world, unaware that zero-hour had arrived. I went to my class at 9:30, came back to my dorm afterwards and checked online for the latest news and upon scanning caught three words.

“World. Trade. Crashes.”

“The stock markets are crashing?” was my confused thought.

“Center,” was the fourth unbelievable word that hit me.

I clicked the link and there on the page was a picture of one of the crumbling twin towers.


I ran out to the main living room and turned on the TV. The twin towers were no more.

I knew who was responsible. Every fiber in my body knew. It was the scum who had declared war on Americans in 1996, and then masterminded the attacks on the embassies in Africa two years later. His group had attacked a US warship in Yemeni waters in 2000. I knew that he wanted to showcase a grand attack. Perhaps, bombings of multiple airliners over the Pacific and Atlantic or assaulting the enclosed infidel sites in Saudi Arabia. Instead, Osama had struck at the jugular of the American Republic.

Practically all the channels showed gruesome scenes and presented scary scenarios. Some thought that there were more than 10,000 dead. Others differed but still offered numbers in the thousands.

Students started to stream in the living room. They all watched the horror without uttering a word. I left them and went to my room. That morbid picture on the screen, in which so many innocent lives were instantly extinguished, produced a feeling of emptiness.

I checked other websites and came upon a most wretched spectacle. Palestinians were celebrating and passing around sweets. Their euphoric performance made my stomach churn. How demented is a society when it reacts with glee to the slaughter of thousands of innocents? I simply couldn't comprehend the depths of their depravity.

As the day passed, my grief morphed into anger. Anger for those who had carried out, supported, and financed the heinous acts, for those who had rejoiced at the news of the atrocity, and for those who were planning more assaults on the West. For too long the Islamic terrorists had thought of Americans as cowards. For too long the Americans had been at the receiving end of their attacks. For too long the US had done little in response. For too long the majority of the American public had not acknowledged their evil enemies.

At long last, at tremendous personal cost in blood and treasure, the US was awake and furious.

*       *       *       *

The immediate months after 9/11 were quite jarring. An economics professor of ours told us to not believe “the official” version of events. He hinted at some dark conspiracy without illuminating the situation. Sometime later, on a different topic, he told us to not pre-judge communist economies. I stopped listening to his Leftist palaver after that.

Then there were the idiotic doom and gloom scenarios. For example, thousands of American troops dying, millions of Afghanis starving to death, and the war raging on for years and years. The Ayatollah of the Left, Noam Chomsky, was always present to crown the US as the leading terrorist state in the world. Yet, there was a clear-cut choice. America plus the Allies were up against 7th century woman-beating, gay-hating, liberty-crushing Jihadists. After the incredible victory of the American army in less than two months, the credibility of the Left was in a quagmire. The overwhelming majority of Leftists kept on spewing venom at the Americans.

Leftists were not alone. One day, I walked into the living room where two guys were watching some news channel. The program was about the merciless lampooning of Osama in every late night show. One of the guys was very agitated.

“I understand why he makes fun of Osama all the time. It’s because he’s a rotten stinking Jew. But I don’t get why Leno jokes about Osama so much?”

The other guy nodded. I was speechless. I don’t know to whom he charmingly referred to as “a rotten stinking Jew,” though, I was touched to hear him defend a mass-murdering psychopath. A few months later, I would find the same guy laughing heartily at the President Bush pretzel incident. It seemed that no amount of ridicule of the Chimp-in-Chief was too much.

I found out later still that the guy was a member of the Muslim Student Association.

From my experience, the reactions of the Muslims in Canada ranged from indifference to outright support of the Islamic terrorists. It made little sense because these Muslims would never live in an environment with harsh Islamic rules. It’s uncanny how this attitude is shared by most Leftists in the West who proclaim the superiority of Castro’s Cuba or in years past the Great Soviet Russia. Yet, all of them -- similar to most Western Muslims -- are like leeches on the democratic capitalist system.

*       *       *       *

After finishing the exams, it was time for my December trip to Saudi Arabia. As usual, on the flight to the Land of Saud, the passengers are provided customs cards. So, I started to fill one out.

“First Name. Second Name. Third Name. Family Name.” I filled out the entries.

“Nationality.” Pakistani.

Further along, checkboxes for “Single” and “Married.” Single.

“Religion.” I stopped.

“Religion.” I had mindlessly filled out those forms on countless occasions.

“Religion.” Why was it so hard to write the same thing I had written so many times before?

“Religion.” Finally, I wrote down the usual answer: Islam.

The days that followed were unreal.

“The planes were remote controlled by the Americans. That’s why it was easy for them to be slammed into the buildings.”

“They want to start a war to go after Afghanistan.”

“How could Osama pull off 9/11? He is thousands of kilometers away in Afghanistan.”

“The US is the superpower, isn’t it? So, how could supposedly 19 Arabs cause such havoc to such a super country?”

“The US wants to subjugate Muslims.”

That’s just what I heard from my family. The situation was not much different in the newspapers and magazines. Every time the media mentioned Osama in a story, the “who is blamed for 9/11 by Washington” was not far behind.

I was reading through a Pakistani magazine where in the letters section was this gem. “The attacks on 9/11, which we all know were caused by Mossad,...” It was mind-numbing. The Muslim world simply couldn't agree as to who was behind the 9/11 attacks when the plain truth was staring them in the face.

Though, what they could all agree on was a sense of uninhibited joy. Whether it was Americans, Israelis or the tooth fairy that was behind 9/11, they didn't mind the auspicious atrocity.

For example, my dad told us of a blue Saudi in his office right after 9/11.

“He was distressed because he wanted the twin towers to topple sideways for more death and carnage.”

I felt sick. The US, just a decade before, had sent half a million of her finest to save the Saudis from imminent danger. On 9/11, the citadel of the US was attacked, thousands of innocents were murdered, and the ingrate citizens of Arabia were delighted.

Many went a step further and defended the "innocent" Muslims of Afghanistan. Saudi Arabia was one of three countries which not only recognized the Taliban regime but also sympathized with it. The attack on the pure Islamic state of Afghanistan was considered an attack on Islam itself.

It seemed that with a few exceptions the entire Muslim world had gone stark raving mad. Instead of opposing the evil regime of Afghanistan, they openly supported it. There were women in Pakistan who publicly supported the Taliban. That made about as much sense as blacks in favor of the KKK. It felt like being in a lunatic asylum where the US was attacking Muslims and the Taliban were gentle and sinless creatures.

Many Muslims had supported Saddam against the US, more than a decade before 9/11. Why? Because he's a Muslim! Again, the same horrid logic was being used to defend the most wretched and wanted man in the world.

*       *       *       *

The West simply can’t please the Muslim world. The ummah basically manufacture reasons to hate the West. There’s a conspiracy theory to back up each and every grievance for loathing the West. The infidels, in the minds of most Muslims, are out to destroy their communities. However, their very Islamic rules cripple a functioning society. Their one-and-only solutionTM to every perceived problem is more Quran, more aping of Muhammad, more 7th century barbarism - in one word, Islam. That was, and is, by far the loudest force in the Muslim world.

Very few, very precious few, look at the US, and the West in general, and say, “How about emulating those successful folks?” The rest are shocked and ask, “You want the Great Satan and his minions to be our role models!?” That is enough to shut up most liberals in the Muslim world.

I had wondered about many questions that had gone unanswered. After coming to North America, my life was on auto-pilot and I hadn’t given much thought to those questions. Then, 9/11 acted as a catalyst. The thin "Islam means peace" mask was removed and the hideous truth was in the open. No amount of evidence could convince the ummah of America’s innocence.

I left Saudi Arabia for Canada in January 2002. I filled out the Saudi customs card as same as before. The trip was long and arduous.

I walked in my dorm room and firmly shut the door. I was a Muslim no more.



September 11th Remembered by Jay.
A compilation of 9/11 commentary from Lorie Byrd.
In Memory by Cassandra.
Remembering 9/11 by Josh:

I remember watching the smoke and debris pour through the streets like an avalanche. It looked like something from a movie--only the tears and the terror on the faces were real.

The terror was real. Damn you Moore.

Update II
Crossposted to Colbert's Comment's Open Trackback Party.
Four years ago - never forget at CatHouse Chat:

"...Who could do such a terrible, terrible thing?"

Well, now we know, and we are hunting those bastards down like the barbaric animals they are. God indeed help us wipe this scourge from the face of the earth.

With courage, strength and perseverance, we shall.

Update III
Sister Toldjah:

It would be an understatement to say that one of the events that changed all of our lives in a most major way was 9-11. I was in NYC when 9-11 happened. The first plane struck at 8:46 a.m. and during that time, my friend and I were in Rockefeller Ctr...

Read the first comment as well.
Always Remember September 11th 2001 by Ken.
The Political Teen:

We will never, ever forget.

Update IV
Port McClellan:

On a Tuesday morning four years ago, I stood on top of an office building, two blocks from the White House, fuming with rage, watching the Pentagon billow clouds of black smoke. Al Qaeda believed they had achieved a great victory.

Less than a month later, Al Qaeda was reaping the rewards.

Molding the Next Generation

In late 1996 or in early 1997, our chemistry teacher entered the class and immediately called me up. He then asked me to write various symbols and formulas on the board. I answered close to a dozen questions and got only one wrong which I corrected upon his growling. I then was sent back to my desk.

Afterwards, my desk-mate had to write down various answers on the board. He wasn't so lucky because he had trouble remembering even a single answer. The teacher forcefully slapped his face, then his neck and hit him on his back non-stop for around 10 seconds. With his face bright red, he came back, sat down and didn't utter a word for the rest of the day. This deprave strategy of "teaching" continued with the rest of the classroom.

That took place in my Pakistani school in Saudi Arabia. Now, we get more horror stories from Arabia:

Corporal punishment is now supposed to be illegal in the Saudi system since 1995. However..

However, of course.

Not a single teacher was fired at our school for routinely thrashing any student he pleased. I cannot think of a single friend or acquaintance at my school who did not get hit at some point. I was on the receiving end on countless occasions. What would "welcome" the punishment?

  • 50% of the class was making noise, everyone gets hit by a stick on open palms.
  • Failing to do homework. The class laughed if you made excuses.
  • Failing a test.
  • Not knowing the answer to an out-of-the-blue question.
  • Talking with friends...thus irritating the teacher who was himself chatting with his favorite students.
  • The teacher thinks you did something wrong. Remember the rules were never written and each teacher had his own effed up temperament.

Imagine what this barbarity does to young minds. Many must come to loath education and learning because of the beatings they took from their teachers. I've had teachers who should be locked up for life, yet they never even got a phone call from parents. Or if they did, it didn't have any effect.

This is one of the saddest truths in that part of the world. Parents, not all but most, discipline their kids by beating them and so do the teachers. It's tough to complain about teachers handing out medieval punishment when you're a subscriber to it. It hurts to say but my own family is not in the minority.

Why, then, is there so much palaver about the Religion of PeaceTM from Muslims when its very center is incredibly violent?

Answer: many have had it beaten into them.

Hamas Claims Credit

A chilling editorial:

According to one Hamas slogan in the streets of Gaza during the Israeli withdrawal, “Four years of sacrifices weigh more than 10 years of negotiations.” Similarly, Mohamed Deif, the leader of Hamas’s military wing, asserted on a recent videotape that the lesson of Gaza is that Israel can be forced out of the West Bank, Jerusalem, and Haifa.

All of this is designed to reinforce one point: the Gaza withdrawal belongs to Hamas. A survey published on a Web site associated with Hamas claimed credit for killing 54 percent of all the Israelis who died as a result of Palestinians’ armed struggle. This body count is Hamas’s claim to success.

[Emphasis mine]

What better way to get street-cred within the Palestinian community. "Hey vote for us, we killed the most Jews!" On a side note, it's interesting that the op-ed writer continually refers to terrorism as armed struggle.

The Apartheid Fence

Daily Times:

Pakistan’s president said on Friday that Islamabad had proposed setting up a barbed-wire fence along the border with Afghanistan to help keep Islamic insurgents from crossing the rugged area.

Yeah, good luck with putting up a fence in Baluchistan.

But Gen Pervez Musharraf told The Associated Press in an exclusive interview that Pakistan couldn’t afford the major undertaking through mountainous terrain and deeply conservative [read: Islamist] tribal regions “by itself”. “We could do selective fencing,” he suggested as an alternative to an unbroken barrier.

At least Musharraf is not sugarcoating reality. Though, what's the whole point of a selective fence when terrorists can continue to use the deeply conservative routes for travel?

The Gathering Storm

Read this Lee Kuan Yew interview and the thoughts of Lexington Green.

I do not think that China's ascendancy will be peaceful and I'd be glad if time were to prove me wrong. The dangerous period is predicted to be around 2020-25. At that time Europe will have much bigger problems with her unassimilated Muslim population. It's likely the Western world will be preoccupied with Europe at that time. A cocky China will smell an opportunity to enlarge her sphere (like Japan in the 30s and 40s).

Another possible trigger for China could be a recession. Remember, China has had a growing economy for the past quarter century. Most Chinese have never experienced a recession. In the US during a recession, one gets around 3-4 million Americans who're affected and thus unemployed. In a Chinese downturn the number of people out of a job could be over 20 million. I've a hunch that China will suffer a huge downturn; one can support failing state "businesses" for only so long.

I don't think China would be content with gobbling up Taiwan. The mixture of political tyranny and a relatively liberal economy has been quite noxious. The modern Chinese system can be described in one word: fascist. Add a strong dose of nationalism, and we get a monster.

Again, I hope I am wrong. But as the situation in Europe deteriorates and the relative strength of China increases, I just can't see the Chinese regime not flex its muscles. Consequences be damned.

Speaking of political tyranny, read what Foreign Dispatches has to say.

Moral Authority, Anyone?


Press reports often cite the overall size of Oil for Food at $60 billion, but Mr. Volcker's report makes clear that the real figure was in excess of $100 billion. From this, Saddam was able to derive $10.2 billion from illicit transactions. But the important point is that he was able to steer 10 times that sum toward his preferred clients in the service of his political aims.

[Emphasis mine]

The UN was pimping for Saddam.

Link via Instapundit.

Say NO to Sharia

I've lived most of my life in Saudi Arabia. Now, I live in Ontario, Canada and it is utterly astonishing to see people talk of Sharia as though it was a harmless bunch of arcane rules. It isn't. It's one of the most evil and wretched methods of subjugating humanity. The Afghanistan under the Taliban and modern day Arabia are the two deprave examples of Sharia-based societies.

Canadians have to realize the dangers of legitimizing even a tiny part of Sharia. This initial appeasement of extremists will only lead to bolder demands in the future. They must say no to such an evil ideology. It should be Saudi Arabia adopting Canadian and Western laws not the other way around.