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Joseph Cutler:

Naivety, innocence, and the substitution of emotion for thought - it is politics of the immature. I understand the attraction of such shallow thinking - we're the future, we're going to save the world, if only everyone was kind to one another, we are the world - the same shallow thinking that's attracted youth throughout history to utopian ideas such as Communism and pacifism.

I've encountered this same mentality at my Canadian university. The common denominator among these enlightened folks is their refusal to see evil. To them the Islamist terrorists in Iraq are disgruntled plumbers, engineers and taxi drivers who only wish for the imperialist Americans to leave. All the US has to do is address the legitimate grievances of these Islamists and then there will be no more war. Since Bush refuses to do exactly that, he is therefore rejecting peace. Ergo, Bush is the bad guy.

It doesn't occur to the Suzans that the Islamists are not interested in peace. They cannot be made to see the light by a few therapy sessions. They wouldn't hesitate but chant Allah is Great in Arabic while cutting the head off a Suzan. They are in a perpetual state of war with Civilization. We need Shermans and Pattons to annihilate this evil. It would help if the Suzans understood this bitter fact.

The depravity never ends. This is how we deal with it.

Update II
When I said that we need Pattons in our war, I wasn't referring to this Patton.

Update III
Thanks to Laurence Simon for the link.


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