The Mentality of Insanity

Nano Trouble

Times Online:

Apple’s store in Regent Street, London, has received complaints that the colour screen [of the iPod Nano] scratches too easily.

And a website, www.flawedmusicplayer.com, has already been created by disgruntled purchasers urging Apple to recall the product, citing inexplicable cases of screens cracking.

At the Flawed Music Player site, read the entry titled "I VISIT AN APPLE STORE (Sunday 9/25/05)". This is not looking good for Apple. They should take these three steps to mend the situation:

  1. Refund the money of those who have a defective Nano.
  2. Provide free protective cases for Nanos in the near-future.
  3. Bring out a sturdy version of the Nano.

Otherwise, their latest luscious iPod will become famous for lasting a nanosecond.

First link via Tom's Hardware Guide.


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