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Islam and the US

Muslim American:

Hatred and mistrust within the Muslim community largely stem from transplanted attitudes originating "back home," wherever that may be. The ethnic and religious diversity of America are not the norm in most of the the world. European Christians are struggling with it to this day. Israel is confronted with ethnic and religious tensions within the Jewish community there. And so are Arabs, Pakistanis, and the rest of the Muslim world. However, in America, to the dismay of many Anglo-Americans, the principles of equality of our nation have been established regardless of race or religion. The same goes for Islam.

[Emphasis mine]

Principles of equality are established regardless of race and religion. This is true for the US. But not so for Islam. Muslims who believe that Islam is compatible with the laws of the US are in a minority. I am speaking here of the Muslim population of the world as a whole.

Just take a cursory look at the Muslim majority countries, the vast majority of which discriminate with respect to gender, race, sect, and religion. For example, in Pakistan, Christians and Shias are treated very poorly. The Ahmadis in the country are classified as non-Muslim, and earmarked for open discrimination (to escape discrimination, all they have to do is sign their national ID documents in which they deny their Ahmadi cult).

Another example is Saudi Arabia - the very heart of Islam. Women have to cover themselves from head to toe in suffocating heat. They can't socialize with other males publicly. They're not allowed to drive. They need permission of their guardian to travel. The Shias are marginalized in the oil-rich Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia. Police are practically in every corner to break up a group of people if they dare to gather. The country openly discriminates with respect to race. My dad, a Pakistani, got paid half the wage of Arabs in his office for doing the exact same work. Wait, that's not true, my dad did more work than the Arabs.

Assume, for the sake of argument, that Islam and US laws are compatible. Then, why don't the billion Muslims outside Saudi Arabia decry the noxious state of affairs at the very heart of Islam?

The answer is simple. Islam, as defined by the overwhelming majority of Muslims, is not even remotely compatible with American laws.


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