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Navid Shahzad writes a nauseating column. Read further at your own risk:

In the old world, history tells us, natural disasters were directly attributed to turmoil in the heavens and vice versa. The resulting devastations mirrored the injustices of man on earth as much as they symbolised the disappointment that the gods felt at the perfidy of the little creatures that crawled on its surface. Biblical references to vengeful heavens notwithstanding, much of the resulting carnage as it flashed onto our screens is due to massive climatic changes as a result of increasing gas emissions by the developed world in general and the United States in particular.

[Emphasis mine]

The oil guzzling Amreekis got what they deserved.

Add to that the apparent disregard for the coloured, disenfranchised poor and the obvious impotence of the state machinery to swing into crisis mode and one has a sure-fire recipe for the kind of disaster that the US is faced with.

Isn't "coloured" out of fashion nowadays?

While one is quick to point out that the vast majority of the American people are decent, caring human beings, that cannot be said of the present administration. An inordinate, inexplicable delay in providing a lifeline to the beleaguered area has resulted in thousands dead, even more homeless and a city that appears to have been deliberately allowed to die.

[Emphasis mine]

That's like the most brilliant political strategery EVER.

There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that much loss of life and property could have been avoided if a timely evacuation process had been put into operation. That the US administration ostensibly did nothing can easily be perceived as state policy designed to get rid of unwanted coloured baggage.

Again, bloody brilliant.

Even if one were to dismiss the theory, the administration must be held liable for what can only be described as criminal negligence. Good governance is about justice more than it is about anything else and while one took official rhetoric with a double pinch of salt, one lauded the efforts of courageous men like Sean Penn who, apart from being a great actor, spent hours in chest-high water looking for survivors as he castigated the US authorities for its ineptness.

Ah yes, the saintly Sean Penn. Need I even bother?

I have to give it to Navid Shahzad, she sure knows how to educate the people of Pakistan with deceptive perception.

Attending the weekend trackback party at Stop the ACLU.


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