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Allah in All the Wrong Places

I was curious to see how the design looked like. I found it at The Religious Policeman.



The first photo is of the ice cream cone top, the second is Allah written in Arabic. A Muslim declared a jihad over this silly matter. It seems that many Muslims "see" whatever they wish to and then instantly assume that what they're "seeing" is meant to be for the worst. In this case, Burger King was stealthily offending Muslims.

This entire idiotic episode doesn't surprise me since it's not the first time a company has been accused of offending Muslims. The quintessential example is the case of Coca Cola. Basically, if we flip the Coca Cola logo and squint really hard (and assume that we're an idiot), then we'll "see" that the logo "says" No Muhammad No Makkah.

Now you might be laughing at this but it's quite a serious business problem for Coke. For example, only Pepsi is allowed to have vending machines in Saudi Arabia. I know for sure that Pepsi sells more than Coke in Pakistan and Saudi Arabia. In fact, Pepsi for me was the default soft drink, and it was a surprise to find out that Coke is more popular in the West.

Anyway, it's funny that the "criminal" businesses can stop offending Muslims by ridding their products of Allah and Muhammad.

Thanks to slickdpdx for the compliment below and the link at Knownunknowns.

Update II
Jeff Goldstein offers his thoughts on Allah in my cream.

Update III
Hunh, nice post title at small dead animals.



Nice follow up.


Thanks, I should have written Schroedinger, but I couldn't do the umlaut and then I forgot.


Sorry, Schrodinger.

Isaac Schrödinger

Don't worry about it.

Hint: in the future, you can select and copy my name from the end of any post -- "Posted by Isaac Schrödinger at ..."

That's what I usually do. :)


ok i can understand that the burger king thing can be seen as a mistake and maybe someone was over reacting. howver wiv regards to the cocoa cola logo that is not over reactin. for it to read "no muhammed no mekkah" that is far more than a coinsidence, and should NOT be ignored... these are subliminal messages that us muslims should be aware of.


Aidah, honey, listen: In an individual, such paranoid narcissism would be grounds for psychiatric treatment. The world is no more out to get Muslims than it is out to get Buddhists, animists or the little old lady down the block. I highly advise you to devote yourself to non-religious volunteer work and/or a fulfilling hobby that does not revolve around your religion. This sort of activity does wonders for shrinking the ego. As much as I'm sure it pains you to hear it, the world gives the same attention to Mecca as it does to Madrid: no more, no less.

the anti-jihadist

Joanna has some good advice there, but for Aidah, I have some more curt advice:

GET A (non islamic) LIFE!



Aidah=Ali G innit?

hamza amin

it is very good for knowledge and we can learn many things by this website

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