58 Years Later
The Ashes are Ablaze

The Wet Dreams of Osama

The 7 Phases of a Pipe Dream. Al Qaeda takes the cake for delusions of grandeur. Considering that they've lost Afghanistan and an ally in Saddam, it's quite amusing to read their GRAND DESIGN OF THE CALIPHATE with Osama as the Calipha, of course.

I do not discount their global reach. We call it the Fourth World War for a reason. It is their pathetic capacity for bringing the West to her knees that is in question. Nazi Germany could actually create the U-boats, and the Panzers and thousands of dive bombers but where is the GREAT MILITARY OF THE UMMAH? Their shortcut is stealing a WMD. The West will turn the Middle East into glass before she even thinks about submitting to blackmail by 7th century barbarians.

Islamists simply refuse to see the latent might of the American Republic. When they think of America, they naively look at Vietnam and Somalia. As Roggio states, they ignore the wrath of America which was on display in WWII. Today, the US is utilizing less than 1% of her economy in fighting Islamists. America can turn up the heat by orders of magnitude. Islamists are already going at full steam and losing. Allah be praised.

Ginny provides excellent commentary:

What strikes me about so much criticism of the war is that it doesn't take the opposing visions into consideration and quite often projects our values on to those who fight us. Freedom, they argue, is what the insurgents, the terrorists, want. Have they never read the fatwas?

These are Ostriches, Ginny. They refuse to see the truth. To them, a terrorist = freedom fighter. To me, the terrorists are freedom fighters in the same sense as a fire fighter. They fight freedom -- not for it. I read an op-ed in a university student paper where the kid described the terrorists in neutral terms: doctors, engineers, cabbies, etc. In the same op-ed, he compared the Americans to Nazis.

However, not all of the criticizers invoke the Nazi charm. The ones who don't, don't realize that the West and the Islamic world doesn't function on the same premises. For example, in the West, we can talk of a 30% or a 40% tax rate on the rich. Limit the drinking age to 18 or 21. We then compromise on a 36% rate and 19 as the age limit.

But how does one even talk to an Islamist who wants to kill alcohol drinkers? Perhaps, No-Death-Fridays?

Where is the compromise for stoning adulterers to death? Perhaps, no nookie on weekdays? These are just two examples. When we add the sexism, racism, tribalism, and Jew-hatred, the difference between them and us grows to over ten centuries. Both can't exist peacefully. One will have to yield.

And it won't be us.

On a different topic, Cutler speaks of the enemy. He talks of the consequences of total war and why it should be avoided.


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