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The Man with a...You Know

Cassandra is on a roll:

We see John Roberts' chauvinism and hostility to Womyn's rights clearly in another area. In 1983, he scathingly sneered at a proposal to give womyn lower tuition at state colleges and universities in recognition of their lower earning power, calling the policy "discriminatory" and "un-Constitutional". His arrogance is just astounding. Womyn have been intellectually and morally superior to men since the Dawn of Time. With our vastly larger cranial capacity and our ability to manage people, which exist despite the well-known fact that there are no emotional or physiological differences between men and women that would justify the centuries of unjust oppression and discrimination visited on the female gender by the white male hegemony, we should be earning MORE than men - not less! Everyone knows it is only the repressive atmosphere of sexual harassment that persists despite the Sexual Revolution and the advances in the legal climate that now allow Womyn to sue for gender and pay discrimination that account for disparities in pay between man and women!

Yay, support Roberts for the Supreme Court...oh wait, should that be oppose John Roberts? I'm so confused.


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