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Terrorist Connections

The Independent:

All the fanatic militant leaders of India and Bangladesh used to maintain close international links and had connections with Kuwait and they were provided with funds for carrying out terrorist activities by some billionaires of Kuwait, according to a competent source.

[Emphasis mine]

That is certainly shocking. I agree with Rezwan that India should send the connected terrorists to Bangladesh. More importantly, the US should figure out the identities of these billionaires. If these loaded lowlives sent money to terrorists in India and Bangladesh, then they're likely subsidizing terrorists elsewhere as well. The Middle Eastern grants for terrorists program has to be put to an end.



More importantly, the US should figure out the identities of these billionaires.

The US and other super powers are in a position to do it.

For a poverty ridden country like Bangladesh, the Middle Eastern countries are a big donor. So the government is not in a position to protest much or take strong actions. A couple of years ago the police caught some Arab nationals of an international Islamic NGO promulgating jihad doctrine and training. Under pressure from Saudi Arabia, the police could not keep them longer than 15 days and were extradited.

But we need to protect our nationals not to sell their souls to these lunatic sheikhs and their versions of fanatic Islam which has created an anarchy everywhere.

International sanctions against these Middle Eastern grants for terrorists is a vital point which is so far not emphasized in the war against terror.

This article sums up the threat if we fail.

The World Can't Afford To Ignore Bangladesh

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