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Sharia in Canada

Even the Frogs are shocked:

"A lot of French people cannot believe it, because for us Canada is a country with very good rights for women. It is unbelievable," said Michèle Vianès, president of Regards de femmes, a non-governmental organization in France. "Under sharia, women do not have the same rights as men. Sharia is a bad idea. How is it possible that Canada would back it?"

Here is what some Canadians might be thinking:

  • I thought all cultures were the same.
  • It would be sooo judgmental to say that Sharia is bad.
  • Dude, Islam like totally respects women. My friend, Habib, said so.
  • Well, you know, maybe the Muslim women want to be treated like that.

I've personally read / heard these 4 reasons for Sharia in Canada.


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