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I was reading through this page where, it seems, various Pakistanis have sent their letters to be published. Precious few of the letters read like this:

No one seems to learn a lesson from History, when from 4th century Europe was ruled by Christianity to the 1750 A. D there was nothing but turmoil, Protestants fighting Catholics and the crusaders fighting the Muslims for 300 years and no development in Europe.

It was 1757 when the Europeans separated Christianity from politics that the industrial revolution began in Europe and America after 1776 and the world began to prosper and enjoy new inventions and easy life for the whole universe. The Muslim Ummah haven’t contributed one cents worth to the world after 1300 A. D so why follow a failed path of religion in politics, which failed for 1300 years in Europe. Come on wake up Muslims.

Arif A Khan
California, USA

Whoa. The letter is titled, "Learning lesson from history."

Sadly, quite a lot of the letters conveyed paranoia and muddle-headed thinking. Letters with titles such as "We are faced with a crusader," "In defence of Mullahs," "Bush must be stopped," "What the Americans need to ask from their government?," "A blessing in disguise," "Democracy by imperialism," and "Osama helped Bush to become president" stand as the idiotic examples.

Excerpt of "On killing humanity":

They used biological and chemical gases fully ignoring those innocent civilians who could not have moved out of Fallujah due to ailment or age. They had no mercy for women and children. The story of Fallujah is much more violent than Heroshima [sic], but the world remained silent, as silent as the dead wind.

Yup, the Battle of Fallujah was much more violent that an atomic bomb.

Close to the end of the page, we have a letter from an American named George Horvat. Be sure to read "An American's view." An excerpt:

Historically USA does not keep countries conquered. We give them back to the people who live there if they promise to live in peace. Ask Japan, Germany, Panama, Granada, Afghanistan, Mexico, Cuba and Iraq. Need I go on? Stop your whining and help us, don't hinder us. We don't want your country but we do want you to live without fear in your own land. Just remember one thing whether you spit on us or not, we will still be there to help you in your time of greatest need. Because that is what a real American is really all about.

Thank you Mr. Horvat.

Stop the ACLU is having a trackback I decided to attend.



That is what America is about, and too many forget it. Thanks for joining my party. I will add you to my blogroll. If you don't mind, consider adding me to yours. Great post!

Isaac Schrödinger

Thanks for the compliment and the blogroll link.

I've added your blog to my sidebar.

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