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Pakistani Wrestlers

Respect for Women

I started reading this post of a Muslim in the US who went to Saudi Arabia for Umrah (think of it as a mini-Haj) and then on to Pakistan. I was interested in reading his observations since I've also been to Saudi Arabia and Pakistan. There was this one sentence that caught my eye.

"Ihraam" refers to the state of purity that a pilgrim enters. It comes from the arabic word "haraam" meaning prohibited, and means to make haraam for oneself what would normally be halaal (allowed). Women are allowed to wear any type of clothing, as long as it covers then [sic] according to Islamic custom, which is basically what they should be wearing anyway.

[Italics mine]

Guys have it so well in Islam. However, the women should look like dementors.

Oops, the first link was broken, fixed now. My bad.


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