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Little Love

Imagine: you're married and you have two sons and your wife is pregnant. Would you not wish for a daughter? To be honest, I would. Of course, if I had two daughters, I would wish for a son. This desire is very understandable.

Though, the whole mournful attitude expressed in this post is quite grotesque. Get a load of the enlightened uncle:

then there's the whole issue of my sisters and i being given a private education when all the boys in the family went to public schools, did their matric, and went to college right here in Pakistan. in the exact words of one of my uncles: "why are you spending so much on girls' education. the minute they grow older you should get them married off, too much education will just ruin them"

Yup, you read that right. Too much education will just ruin the girls. This is the mainstream attitude in Pakistan. It is truly sad that Manny's parents have to constantly defend themselves for giving their daughters an education.


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